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Car Karaoke

We believe in a thing called stress-free driving. Say goodbye to arguing over the music, or getting stuck in traffic that could have been avoided. Shared Music Playlists and Live Traffic Updates were made for harmonious journeys.

Volkswagen Independent Cinema Advert: Finding Yourself

Volkswagen’s Sat Nav with head up display: great for finding your destination. Not so great for finding yourself. In our latest advert for Independent Cinemas, we learn how our Sat-Nav with Head Up Display is not made for Hollywood. But we’re happy to support Independent Cinemas.

Volkswagen Independent Cinema Advert: Mafia

Volkswagen’s remote journey planner: great for sharing new routes. Not so great for the Mafia underworld.

Volkswagen Independent Cinema Advert: Alien

Volkswagen’s hands free boot opening: great for when your hands are full. Not so great for when aliens invade.

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