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Protect your team with a fleet that’s developed with their safety in mind.

A vehicle's sensors detect a pedestrian crossing the road.

When it comes to your employees, nothing is more important than their safety; both at work and on the road.

At Volkswagen, safety is our number one priority too and we’re constantly inventing new ways to keep our drivers accident-free. So if you’re a fleet manager, have a look at why choosing Volkswagen could keep your workforce - and your fleet - out of harm’s way.

How we make driving safer

We know that we can’t always stop accidents from happening, but we can use technology to try and keep our cars out of trouble or protect the person inside when an incident is unavoidable. Here are some of the Volkswagen technologies that will keep your employees safe on the road:

  • Technology to optimise braking: the foresightful Pre-Crash is a collision-detection system that prepares your car for an imminent crash, whilst the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System immediately slows your car after impact.
  • Pedestrian monitoring system: pedestrians are also taken care of with the pedestrian monitoring protection that uses acoustic and optical signals to alert you if a pedestrian, bike or vehicle is getting too close. If the situation becomes critical then an emergency stop will be performed.
  • Airbags: our cars feature up to 9 airbags that cushion the driver and passengers from all angles. We’ve recently added knee protection for the driver, too.
  • Crumple zones: these zones are placed at the front and rear of all Volkswagen cars and are designed to absorb the impact of a collision, so the seated area and footwells can remain rigid in the face of impact.
  • Tyre pressure and flat tyre sensors: flat tyres can lead to accidents, which is why all our models have tyre monitoring systems in place to alert you of any irregularities.
  • Driver alert system: Volkswagen cars can detect if you’re feeling tired and losing focus. If you start to drive erratically or deviate from your lane then your car will advise you to take a break, providing you with an opportunity to grab a coffee and potentially saving you from a motorway accident.
  • Front assist and city emergency braking: rear-end collisions are all too common in heavy-traffic areas, but not if you’ve got a Volkswagen. Our cars use radar detection to alert you if you’re getting too close to the car in front, and the city emergency brake system will stop you just in time.
  • Adaptive cruise control: your employees are busy people, so cruise control is great until the traffic ahead of them clears and they’re not increasing their speed to suit the new open road. With ACC, the Volkswagen will detect when to lower their cruise control, and when to increase it, so they can always be travelling at the optimum safe speed.
  • Security and service: no matter what happens while driving, your employees can call the relevant people from the safety of their own vehicle, including roadside assistance and the emergency services.
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