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Running your fleet

1. BlueMotion Technology is available across the Volkswagen range, including the up!, Passat, Tiguan, Touran and Sharan models.
2. BlueMotion models offer innovative technologies including the automatic Start/ Stop function and low rolling resistance tyres.
3. Our all-electric vehicles; the e-up! and e-Golf emit no emissions whilst in motion.
4. Our high performance Golf GTE combines electric and petrol technology and produces 39g/km of CO2^ and zero emissions in the all-electric ‘E-mode’

Our BlueMotion models offer innovative energy-saving technologies, from the automatic Start/ Stop function to low rolling resistance tyres, which work in synergy with our advanced range of engines and gearboxes. Other features include improved aerodynamics and the recuperation of energy from braking.

The BlueMotion badge already identifies the most efficient cars in the Volkswagen range, but now we’ve extended it to cover all of our innovative technologies, including the DSG dual-clutch gearbox and our TSI and TDI engines.

Furthermore, Volkswagen’s all-electric vehicles, the e-up! and e-Golf offer the same refinements and advanced technology, but with a purely electric drivetrain, offering zero tailpipe emissions (whilst in motion).

^ The ‘combined/ weighted’ fuel consumption/ CO2 figures are calculated from two test results: one when the high voltage battery is fully charged and another when the high voltage battery is discharged. The two results are a weighted average, taking into account mileage range on battery power only, providing a figure in a variety of charge conditions. Extended range achieved by 1.4 TSI petrol engine generating electricity. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures are obtained under standardised test conditions (Directive 93/116/EEC) using a representative model. This allows direct comparison between different models from different manufacturers, but may not represent the actual fuel consumption achieved in ‘real world’ driving conditions. Electricity is mains sourced and emissions are while driving. More information is available at