Industry praise for Volkswagen Fleet

At Volkswagen we pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers and delivering an outstanding service. In a recent survey customers said that we have one of the most efficient and varied product range around. But don’t take our word for it.

Alexandra Pernito

Group Car Fleet Manager

Runs 120 cars on his Fleet.

Why have you chosen Volkswagen as part of your Fleet?

"The Volkswagen brand works well in providing a balance on desirability, reliability, costs and green credentials. Working with Volkswagen fleet has always been excellent and when it comes to service, they never fail to deliver!"

Chris Glover

Head of Buying

Runs 25 cars on his Fleet.

What have you discovered about Volkswagen?

"Since implementing whole life costing and a 160g/km cap across our car and 4x4 fleet, I have found Volkswagen offer the best package of cost, quality, driver acceptance and service to meet the needs of our business. The access to fleet demonstrators and a relevant model range has been key to increasing the numbers of Volkswagens on the fleet."

Zafer Tosunlar

Managing Director

Runs 52 cars on his Fleet.

What is it that makes Volkswagen stand out from our competitors?

"The Value proposition, owner satisfaction, quality and reliability are all key."

Mick Donovan

Group Fleet Manager

Runs 150 cars on his Fleet.

What do you like most about working with Volkswagen?

"From a fleet perspective, Whole life cost and driver appeal are the main reasons why I choose Volkswagen. They have the right model range for me and their staff always ensure the right back-up is available when required."