Extended Warranty Continued protection, years down the road

Continued protection, years down the road

We make sure your peace of mind continues long after your warranty expires. Simply choose from our wide range of extended warranties, and enjoy a worry-free drive.

We offer a number of cover options depending on the age, engine size and mileage of your car - so there's bound to be one that's just right for you. If you have bought a New Volkswagen in the UK or a Das WeltAuto Used Volkswagen you will be written to before your warranty expires and invited to purchase an Extended Warranty.

If your car no longer has a Volkswagen Warranty, you're still entitled to purchase a Volkswagen Extended Warranty.

View the many benefits of our Extended Warranties here:

Further details can be found at www.volkswagenextendedwarranty.co.uk or by calling Volkswagen Warranty Administration Services on 0845 641 9768*

Exclusions apply throughout, so please read our Terms and Conditions.

*Service charge costs may vary by provider and by number range.