Easy fuelling and charging

Charge the battery in your Golf GTE quickly and easily, and fill the petrol tank as normal.

Golf GTE

How do I charge my Golf GTE battery at home? 

Fully charge the battery in just 2.25 hours with a professionally-installed wallbox charger from our recommended supplier PodPoint . The wallbox comes with two options: the 3.7kW, which charges at around 15 miles range per hour; and the 7kW option, which charges at around 30 miles range per hour. Both units are available tethered (with a cable) or untethered (without a cable). 

How do I charge my Golf GTE battery on the go?

You can also charge the Golf GTE’s battery using any common household outlet using an alternative cable included with the car. At 3.75 hours, it takes slightly longer than the home wall box but is a great option if you’re away from home or don’t have a wallbox. You can also charge the battery at any public charge point (charging times vary).  

Will my Golf GTE still use petrol? 

Yes. The lithium-ion battery in your Golf GTE is perfect for short journeys, but you still need to fill up the petrol engine with fuel. Do this at any fuel station and  remember you’ll get up to 31 miles-worth of cost-effective electric travel before you start using it. 

Please refer to your Volkswagen Owner's manual for official guidance on use and operation of all our technology.