Ready to Roc! - World Premiere of the new T-Roc

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The new T-Roc: Volkswagen's fourth SUV

The constant braking and acceleration encountered during a long traffic jam is especially strenuous for the driver. When Traffic Jam Assist assumes control of these tasks, it not only unburdens the driver, but also it works within system limits to reduce the types of collisions typically encountered in such situations. This is because the risk of distraction is particularly elevated in stop-and-go traffic. One classic situation arises when the driver turns around to face the kids when met with the familiar "are we there yet?" known in every language. If the car in front suddenly brakes hard at that moment, or another car cuts in unexpectedly, a rear-end collision is practically a foregone conclusion. Traffic Jam Assist can potentially minimize the danger in such situations. Relevant crash analyses from EuroNCAP show that cars with emergency braking systems active even at low speeds are involved in 38 per cent fewer rear-end collisions. Although Traffic Jam Assist cannot replace the driver's need to pay attention, it is nevertheless supportive in stop-and-go traffic and works to create a less stressful holiday journey for everyone on board.

This innovative assistance system works using the ACC Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist lane keeping system. The radar sensor in the front end of the vehicle monitors traffic ahead, while the camera in the windscreen tracks the road markings. Using Traffic Jam Assist, the Volkswagen maintains a consistent distance from the car ahead at speeds of up to 60 km/h in stop-and-go traffic while keeping within the appropriate lane of traffic. The driver of course can intervene at any time and override the system