European Research Project L3Pilot on automated driving is launched in Wolfsburg

A broadly based European research consortium under the management of the Volkswagen Group is analysing the opportunities for using technologies to facilitate mobility in the future with the aim of achieving a breakthrough in the area of automated driving. Today, the research project L3Pilot is launching its four- year development activities in Wolfsburg.

A four-year research initiative is being launched today with the project L3Pilot. The focus of research is automated driving on roads in Europe. Under the leadership of the Volkswagen Group, 13 European automobile manufacturers, suppliers, research institutes and universities, and small and mid-sized companies will operate 100 vehicles with 1000 drivers in the public transport system in order to test automated drive systems in conformity with Level 3 and Level 4 under real conditions and in a wide range of applications. The technologies being tested include a broad spectrum – from parking and overtaking to driving in complex city traffic. Overall, the project will collect data in eleven European countries for assessing technical aspects, user acceptance, driving and travel behaviour, and the impact of these systems on traffic and society. The broad spectrum of driving situations means that L3Pilot is the first project worldwide to implement and test such comprehensive functions of automated driving in practice.

“We are confident that the research initiative L3Pilot will create a broadly based and comprehensive platform for realisation of mobility in the future,” said Aria Etemad from Volkswagen Group Research in his function as project coordinator of the EU research project L3Pilot. “The strong integration of the entire European automobile industry and the scientific support by experts in the areas of mobility and automated vehicles will drive this initiative forward and make it successful.”

Alongside technical development, statutory framework conditions for vehicle manufacturers and drivers are being analysed. The focus is on product liability and road traffic regulations. This pioneering project has been planned for four years and is the biggest EU-sponsored project of its kind. The project budget has been set at 68 million euros and is being supported by the European Commission with 36 million euros.