Electric and hybrid technology

Curious about what goes on under the bonnet of our most technologically advanced cars? 

From energy recuperation and litnium ion batteries to electric and hybrid driving modes, we take you through the ABCs of electric technology.


Recuperating energy when you brake

Did you know that your electric vehicle can transfer the energy made through braking into battery power? Read more about this ingenious way to travel more miles on a single charge.

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How electric motors and batteries work

Electric cars are the future of driving, but do you know how electricity is transferred from the charging station to the electric motor? Or how the energy flow is controlled?

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The e-Glossary

Electric cars may be the future, but the terminology is still alien to the majority of us. Learn the basics with our handy e-glossary so you can always be in the know when it comes to electric technology.

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Electric car driving modes

Whether your priority is air conditioning, heating or range, there's a mode to help you make the most of your motor.

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GTE driving modes

GTEs combine the best of petrol and electric engines. You can control what you want to use for the ultimate customisable drive.

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