Designed for the urban jungle

The concept ID. CROZZ brings a touch of sporty luxury to city streets and country roads.

The sporty sibling in the ID. family

Conceptualised as a sporty, interactively designed zero-emission all-rounder, the ID. CROZZ has electric all-wheel drive that’s equally as impressive in urban environments and on rough terrain – perfect for an adventurous lifestyle. It can reach up to 300 miles on a single charge. With a wide bonnet, clearly contoured wing panel and a high gloss back roof surface, the ID. CROZZ makes a powerful statement.
The ID. CROZZ’s powerful exterior is bound to turn heads as the spacious interior can turn your day trip into a weekend adventure with room for luggage, bikes and the whole family.


Anyone for a roadtrip?

The ID. CROZZ takes longer drives in its stride, reaching up to 310 miles on a single charge and hitting top speeds of 111 mph. All that on one single charge makes this powerful crossover utility vehicle the perfect road-tripper. Watch this video to see the concept car in action.

As spacious as it is sporty

The benefit of being part SUV means the ID. CROZZ has comfort fitted as standard. Extra space has been created with a versatile seating concept, sliding doors and the absence of B-pillars. Say goodbye to roof racks, because you can even fit a bicycle inside without any trouble.



The iconic campervan’s had a makeover to bring its technology into the 21st Century, and this time… it’s emission-free.


The ID.

Welcome to your zero-emission everyday hero. The ID. is set for release in 2020, so read all about its exciting features to see how it could help you save the planet.

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The result of years of Volkswagen innovation, the ID. family is the electric and emission-free face of the future. Read more about our exciting new range and the technology featured in each model.

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