A new era of luxury

The ID. VIZZION effortlessly combines advanced technology and premium elegance to bring comfort into the modern era.

“It’s not a utopian, but a very real vision.”

We’re developing technology that will shape the future. Technology like a driverless interactive living space, augmented reality glasses, and even the ability for the car to head out by itself to pick up the kids.

Taking technology beyond boundaries

Prepare to redefine your understanding of electric cars. Soon, autonomous driving will make you feel as though you have your own personal driver. And just one charge will provide enough power to whisk you up to 413 miles. Plus, with a diverse range of innovative features you’ll arrive at your destination feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. The ID. VIZZION uses biometrics to recognise you and adjust to your personal settings as you settle in for the journey ahead. A three-dimensional interface, powered by Microsoft HoloLens technology, makes fine-tuning the car to your specifications refreshingly intuitive. The spacious interior meanwhile gives you the freedom to have fun with family and friends, sit back and relax, or even get on with some work.


The ID. VIZZION: Driving progress

Autonomous driving and a 3D virtual display put the ID. VIZZION at the forefront of innovation.

The ID. VIZZION is your personal chauffeur

The ID. VIZZION is seriously smart. So smart in fact that it doesn’t need a driver; it uses inter-connected laser-scanners, ultrasonic and radar sensors to closely monitor the surroundings. There’s no need for the steering wheel, pedals or dash panel, meaning there’s extra space to kick back and relax. To help keep things running smoothly, the ID. VIZZION will reroute using traffic data to help you get to your destination as quickly as possible. In future, the car will also utilise swarm intelligence to help it avoid congestion in both its immediate surroundings and wider environment.


Reality. Virtually enhanced.

The ID. VIZZION revolutionises the relationship between human and machine. This innovative saloon grants personal freedom for all your journeys. Newly designed eyewear featuring Microsoft HoloLens technology uses augmented reality to make interacting with the car simple and intuitive, while language control means you can alter settings without lifting a finger. The ID. VIZZION redefines the car as an ingenious living space.

Look into the future

Explore some of the ID. VIZZION’s ground-breaking features in the gallery below.


Your own space

The ID. VIZZION is an extension of your home. Whether in the mood to work or play, the ID. VIZZION caters to your needs. Windows can be darkened and environmental noise deadened for privacy and concentration. HoloLens technology will even monitor your vital data and control the car’s temperature.


We’re preparing for tomorrow, today

The road to the future is an exciting one. The ID. VIZZION showcases the immense potential of the All-New Electric Architecture found within the ID. Family. And, via slick design and intuitive interaction, presents Volkswagen’s vision for the future of electric mobility.  


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