Driving modes to suit you

A mode for performance, efficiency and range.

Three driving modes

There are certain roads and drives that require a different style of driving, and the e-up! and e-Golf can change theirs depending on your mood. If it’s performance you’re after and comfort’s your priority, then the standard driving mode is the one for you. But when you’re keen to go the extra mile, switching up to ECO or ECO+ can make all the difference.


Normal mode and when to use it

Normal mode is reserved for the days when air-conditioning or heating is a must. Due to the extra power needed to heat or cool the vehicle, you’ll have to compromise on range, but at least you’ll be nice and toasty in winter, and cool and collected in summer.

e-up! top speed: 80mph
e-Golf top speed: 93mph

ECO mode and when to use it

The ECO mode is ideal for those drives where you don’t need the heating blasting or the air-conditioning on high. By reducing power to these electrical elements, you can extend your range and get more out of every charge, without compromising on your comfort and the vehicle’s agility.

e-up! top speed: 71mph
e-Golf top speed: 72mph


ECO+ mode and when to use it

If you want to get the most out of your charge and allow your battery to focus on the drive, then the ECO+ mode is made for you. It’s perfect for those drives where the temperature is just right and the need for heating or air-conditioning is completely absent. By turning off all electrical components such as these, you’ll be able to maximise your range and limit time between charges.

e-up! top speed: 55mph
e-Golf top speed: 56mph

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