Volkswagen ID. BUGGY in front of green and blue light area
Volkswagen ID. BUGGY in front of green and blue light area
Volkswagen ID. BUGGY in front of green and blue light area

The feeling of freedom

  1. The legend lives on: the ID. BUGGY

The legend lives on

Drawing inspiration from the classic Californian dune buggies of the 1960s, the ID. BUGGY is the modern incarnation of the spirit of freedom and adventure. Feel the wind in your face and the sun on your skin as you tackle off-road trails and endless sandy beaches, and enjoy an immersive sensory driving experience – fully electric with zero local emissions.

The purist design of the BUGGY is the modern, retro-free interpretation of an icon.
Klaus Bischoff
Volkswagen Chief Designer

Abandoning convention:
the design of the ID. BUGGY

With a sturdy yet aesthetically appealing exterior and a minimalist, weatherproof interior, the ID. BUGGY’s handling reflects its appearance – reawakening the unique buggy feel for a new generation.

The VW ID. BUGGY from 3/4 rear view

Purist design with floating structure

The uncompromisingly clear design with no fixed roof and doors, 18-inch wheels and off-road tyres, underbody protection and rollover bar is up to almost any challenge. At the same time, thanks to the two-tone special paint finish, the perfectly formed body appears to float above the stocky chassis.

The VW ID. BUGGY driving on country road

Perfect for bespoke limited production

The modular design allows for the upper body of the ID. BUGGY to be detached from the chassis. In this way, Volkswagen is giving small-volume manufacturers and start-ups the opportunity to develop their own, zero local emission dune buggies.

The interior of the ID. BUGGY with a focus on the steering wheel

Water-repellent interior

The spacious open interior is durable and watertight, with simple and intuitive controls. The ID. BUGGY is a 2-seater pure and simple, with moulded seats and a multifunction steering wheel featuring touch control – while the fully digital cockpit means the driver can keep an eye on important information.

Zero-emission emotion: the technology
of the ID. BUGGY

The powerful electric motors with spine-tingling acceleration ensure unadulterated driving pleasure – with zero local emissions.

VW ID. BUGGY driving rearshot

Set your pulse racing

The 150kW (204PS) rear-mounted electric motor is powered by a high-voltage battery in the vehicle floor and has a maximum torque of 310Nm from a standing start. The driver accelerates from 0 to 62mph in just 7.2 seconds. The electronic speed restriction only kicks in at 99.4mph.

VW ID. BUGGY rear light in detail

Versatile quick-charging stations

In future you will be able to charge your electric vehicle at many locations, also thanks to new charging concepts such as versatile quick-charging stations which can be installed on either a temporary or permanent basis. Volkswagen’s power bank for electric vehicles has a charging capacity of up to 360kWh.

VW ID. BUGGY 3/4 front in detail

Modular electric drive matrix

Following on from the compact class, van, SUV and saloon, the ID. BUGGY is the fifth study to be based on the modular electric drive matrix – compelling evidence for the versatility of this unique modular system for electric vehicles.

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