VW ID. BUGGY in front of green and blue light area
VW ID. BUGGY in front of green and blue light area
VW ID. BUGGY in front of green and blue light area

Feel freedom

A classic, reinvented

Hitting the beach in 1960s California, it wasn’t uncommon to see buggies tearing up the dunes. These buggies were often modelled on the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, and designed to perform powerfully on any terrain. To honour this bold and experimental era of motoring, we’ve created the wonderfully unique, brilliantly playful ID. Buggy.

The purist design of the BUGGY is the modern, retro-free interpretation of an icon.
Klaus Bischoff
Volkswagen Chief Designer

Unconventional beauty

The ID. BUGGY blends an impactful exterior with a more minimalist interior to give you a balanced look that brings the iconic dune buggy into the modern day.

The VW ID. BUGGY from 3/4 rear view

Pure form

The unique profile of the ID. BUGGY is designed for you to hop in and hit the dunes with no delays. No fixed roof or doors are designed for quick access, while 18-inch wheels with substantial off-road tyres give you total control on tricky terrain. The green and black painted body floats gracefully over the muscular chassis.

The VW ID. BUGGY driving on country road

Democratic design

The ID. BUGGY’s upper body can be detached from the chassis. We did this so independent and start-up manufacturers can more easily develop their own zero-emission dune buggies.

The interior of the ID. BUGGY with a focus on the steering wheel


The ID. BUGGY interior is designed to be durable and waterproof. The moulded seats are designed to give you total comfort, even as you shred off-road. The interior also features a multifunction touch controlled steering wheel and digital cockpit.

Technology driven: welcome to the ground-breaking ID. BUGGY

Powerful electric motors, quick recharging, and our innovative Modular Electric Matrix combine to give you an unparalleled off-road drive.

VW ID. BUGGY driving rearshot

Less flower, more power

The 150kW electric motor gives you the equivalent of 204PS of power. Combine that with the high-voltage battery and the ID. BUGGY has a maximum torque of 310Nm. All this means that you can accelerate from 0-62mph in just 7.2 seconds.

VW ID. BUGGY rear light in detail

Lightning fast charging

Increasing numbers of versatile quick charging stations are being introduced to the network all the time. Volkswagen’s own power banks for electric vehicles are capable of charging four cars at the same time at up to 360kWh, which will charge your car to 18% in just over 15 minutes.

VW ID. BUGGY 3/4 front in detail

Modular electric drive matrix

Alongside our electric compact class, van, SUV and saloon models, the ID. BUGGY is our fifth study to be based on our modular electric drive matrix.

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