Charge & Range

Where to charge?

The network of chargers has grown so much over the past few years that there are now more charging stations than petrol stations in the UK. Whether you’re at home, at the shops, at work or on the motorway, you’ll never be far from a place to charge.

Illustration of a Volkswagen electric vehicle charging in a retail carpark.

Charging at home

You can charge your car at home using either a domestic socket or wallbox. Your car can be plugged into a domestic socket much like your phone or laptop, and it will start charging as soon as you lock it.

If you have a garage or carport you can install a wallbox to charge your car faster. A wallbox uses power from your domestic supply and will be charged at the normal rate via your energy provider.

An ellie wallbox

Charging at work

As businesses embrace electric vehicles for their fleets, charging points are becoming a more common feature in the workplace. Charging at work may be better for renters who don’t have access to a wallbox at home.

Charging station in front of an office building

Charging at the shops

Retailers and shopping centres are adding charging points to their car parks at an ever-expanding rate.

Take Tesco for example. In partnership with Volkswagen and PodPoint, 2,400 charging stations are being installed across 600 Tesco stores nationwide so you can recharge your battery while restocking your cupboards.

An electric vehicle is charged in the car park of a furniture store

Charging on the motorway

We are working hard with initiatives such as the IONITY joint venture to keep expanding the network of rapid charging stations around the country. As time goes on, and more and more service stations enable you to charge your vehicle, you can travel longer distances with confidence.

Charging an electric vehicle during a break on the motorway

Find a charging station

There are plenty of helpful apps that tell you where to find your nearest charging point.

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