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Here we have put together a selection of current and interesting articles on the subject of electromobility. Have fun reading, browsing and discovering.

Things to consider when installing a wallbox

Installing a wallbox at home lets you charge your electric car cheaply, securely, and conveniently at home. Who will install your charging station and what do you need to consider in advance?

Crossover – the best of everything

Everyone has heard of SUVs. But a crossover? We reveal what the name means and why these models are currently so popular as electric cars. 

Charging station tariffs: always find the cheapest electricity

The amount it costs to charge an electric car on the move differs. Firstly, the prices at charging stations vary depending on the provider. Secondly, driving habits and the required energy also play a role. So, what should you look out for at public charging points to save as much money as possible on your journey?

Inductive charging: charge your electric car at a red light

No need to search for a vacant charging station – simply charge your electric vehicle wirelessly when you're hanging around, like at a red light, for example. This would become part of everyday mobility with inductive charging.

Maximum range: efficient driving and new technology

The consumption of electric cars is the same as for combustion engine vehicles: the more efficiently you drive, the further you will travel. The Volkswagen ID.3 has shown how far it can go: 602 kilometres. This is much further than the officially proven furthest range of an electric car – and it's also a record.

Volkswagen software: developing VW's operating system

Volkswagen has set up a new business unit to fit its own software into its electric cars in going forward. Among other projects, the business unit is working on the VW.OS operating system. 

Just compare: with the EV Check app

Curious to know if electric mobility is right for you? Quickly find out with the Volkswagen EV Check app.

Used electric cars: what you need to know

Before buying a used electric car, take a really good, close look at it. First and foremost, look at the battery. But not just the battery.

The ID.3 range test

Since its market launch in September 2020, the ID.3 has proven that it is a vehicle suitable for everyday use. But what about long-distance journeys? Is the ID.3 also ready for a holiday trip? We at Volkswagen tested its range on a 460km test drive from Wolfsburg to Amsterdam.

Welcome home: smart wallboxes for electric cars

A wallbox is a convenient way of charging your electric car at home. It allows you to fully charge the batteries of plug-in hybrid or battery-powered electric vehicles in a few hours or overnight (depending on the battery capacity and charging power).

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