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The ID.3 range test

Since its market launch in September 2020, the ID.3 has proven that it is a vehicle suitable for everyday use. But what about long-distance journeys? Is the ID.3 also ready for a holiday trip? We at Volkswagen tested its range on a 460km test drive from Wolfsburg to Amsterdam.

Since its market launch in September 2020, the ID.3 has proven that it is a vehicle suitable for everyday use. But what about long-distance journeys? Is the ID.3 also ready for a holiday trip? We at Volkswagen tested its range on a 460km test drive from Wolfsburg to Amsterdam.

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  • The ID.3 is very dynamic over long distances, too. Your driving enjoyment is enhanced by ample space, a small turning circle and full torque.
  • Volkswagen's We Charge2 service enables you to charge at around 270,000 public charging stations throughout Europe.
  • With its powerful battery, efficient powertrain and spacious interior, the ID.3 is ideal for everyday driving and – thanks to a good charging infrastructure – for holidays too.

It's 9 a.m. in Wolfsburg. Time for a trip in the Volkswagen ID.3. Pro

With its progressive exterior, shiny finish and frameless, tinted windscreen, this electric car grabs your attention at first glance. Our luggage goes in the boot, and the interior – spacious thanks to the 2,765 mm wheelbase – welcomes us with ample space and plenty of legroom. The vehicle's battery is charged, so we can set off straight away. I press the brake pedal and select drive mode. Starting up feels like a mini-rocket launch: no gearshifts, no delays. The electric motor accelerates at full torque right from the start. The electric car is ready for our trip to Amsterdam. And so are we.

ID.3 range test: a brief surprise visit

To keep the power consumption as low as possible, we largely refrain from flooring the accelerator, opting to drive at a constant speed in an anticipatory manner. This not only looks after the battery but also gives us more time to appreciate our surroundings. On the road, we can feel how the battery system in the floor of the vehicle lowers the centre of gravity. This makes the ID.3 very dynamic. But the small turning circle also makes driving more responsive and fun. As the motor of the ID.3 is on the rear axle, the front wheels turn in more sharply. This helps with manoeuvring and gets us into the parking space with no trouble when we reach Hanover at 10 a.m. Here, a little mission awaits us: we make a brief stop and pay a visit to our boss

ID.3 range test: charging the electric car

At 10:30, we set off again. On the way to our planned stop in Amersfoort, again we notice how quiet the motor of the ID.3 is. Only a little rolling and wind noise can be heard, even on the motorway. Once we've covered 300 kilometres (186 miles) in our range test, we stop at 12:45 for a lunch break.

We make use of this time to charge our electric car at an IONITY fast-charging station. The maximum ranges and charging times of the ID.3 vary depending on the model. Pure Performance models with a 45 kWh battery and up to 216 miles of range need to be charged sooner than the Pro and Pro Performance models. They have a 58 kWh battery and up to 260 miles of range, or the Pro S version with 77 kWh and up to 343 miles of range3. (*The ID.3 Pure Performance is not available with customised equipment at the moment.)

The maximum charging capacity at fast-charging stations is 50 kW for the Pure Performance models and more than 100 kW DC (direct current) for the other models with a larger battery.

The benefit is that you can make use of the Volkswagen We Charge2 service, with around 270,000 charging points, including the whole of the IONITY fast-charging network. And the We Connect ID. app helps us to search for a suitable charging station, and can even get us discounts4. After 30 minutes, the electric car is once more ready to go. By contrast, we need a bit more time to recharge our human 'batteries'.

ID.3 on the harbour
The ID.3 Pure Performance is not available with customised equipment at the moment. 
Charging the Volkswagen ID.3: The image shows a charging process in the We Connect ID. app.

ID.3 range test: via Amersfoort to Amsterdam

Amersfoort is another 160 kilometres (99 miles) away. We cruise along the Dutch motorway in a relaxed way, and reach the city, with its many canals and cafés, at 4 in the afternoon. We're lucky and find a parking space on a narrow street. The sun is shining, the state-of-the-art ID.3 is parked on the cobblestones of the historic Old Town. The best of two worlds have collided. During a sightseeing tour and a meal with colleagues, our vehicle 'recovers' from its long drive. The car tops up its electricity at one of the many charging stations located in inner cities all over the Netherlands. The vehicle and its battery are now ready for the home straight!

ID.3 range test: comfortable and relaxed on arrival

After another 45 minutes of driving, our range test finally ends in Amsterdam. It's a special moment and the perfect time to explore our findings. Volkswagen has demonstrated that thanks to the powerful battery, efficient powertrain, spacious interior and a good charging infrastructure, the ID.3 is suitable both for the everyday and for the holidays. If you practice anticipatory and eco-friendly driving and pay attention to your power consumption, you can cover a fair distance with one charge. And if you do need a charging stop, this is also always an excellent opportunity to get to know fascinating places and nice restaurants – or simply to stretch your legs. After all, with short breaks on long trips, you'll be much more relaxed when you arrive.

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