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Things to consider when installing a wallbox

Installing a wallbox at home lets you charge your electric car cheaply, securely, and conveniently at home. Who will install your charging station and what do you need to consider in advance?

Installing a wallbox at home lets you charge your electric car cheaply, securely, and conveniently at home. Who will install your charging station and what do you need to consider in advance?

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  • A pre-check will confirm whether your proposed site meets the requirements of the selected charging station.
  • Wallboxes can only be installed by accredited electricians. 
  • Depending on the service, a professional electrician will perform a preliminary check, register the unit with your energy supplier, install and then commission the unit. 

Installing a wallbox – why a home-charging station is important

Get home, park your electric car, charge it overnight and head off the next morning 'recharged': it is anticipated that drivers of electric cars, like the Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4, or ID.5, will charge 80 percent of their car's energy from a private home-charging station. There are many benefits of doing so, particularly for people who opt for a wallbox and charge their electric car from a unit specifically designed for this and their particular car's needs. Unlike charging at public charging stations, your charging station is at your front door or garage door and you have 24/7 access to it.

Unlike conventional household power sockets, which charge electric cars more slowly, wallboxes are specifically designed for longer 'refuelling' with a higher load. Wallboxes also charge your electric car faster than a household power socket. If you connect an ID.3 with a 58 kWh net battery capacity to an 11 kW wallbox, your electric car will be fully charged after around six hours, considerably faster than using a 3-pin plug. Charging your electric car becomes more convenient and fits around your lifestyle.

Installing a wallbox: the pre-check

Regardless of the charging power you opt for, first up you need to check that the wallbox is compatible with your electric car and can be installed at your home or rental apartment . This is essential to determine whether installing a wallbox charging station is feasible.

At a glance: things to consider

  • Installing a wallbox is eminently feasible for tenants in an apartment block who have their own parking space. However, we advise them to contact their landlord or landlady.
  • The  electrical company responsible for the installation needs to register each wallbox with the grid operator. Models with a charging power of between 11 and 22 kWh need to be approved by the responsible grid operator.

Installing a wallbox: always use a professional

Wallboxes can only be installed by accredited electricians. Pod PointOpens an external link is currently our recommended provider.

As our recommended wall box supplier, Pod Point, can help you choose a charging unit and even guide you through the process of applying for a grant. You may be also eligible for the Home Grant Scheme¹ (up to £350 towards the installation of a home wall box).

1. In March 2020 the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) announced that the Electric Vehicle Homecharge scheme (EVHS) would continue until 2021 and that the level of grant for EVHS is to be set at £350 (previously £500). The new rate is applicable to installations on or after 1st April 2020. The Government grants are subject to full terms and conditions and eligibility may be revised or withdrawn at any time without prior notice. This information is correct as of March 2020.


Wall charger installation worker
The installation of a wall box belongs in the hands of professionals. (Image: Adobe Stock)

Find out more about Pod PointOpens an external link

In summary: Charging electric cars at your own using a home charging station is convenient, practical, and fast, providing accredited electricians carry out a preliminary check, plus registration, installation, and commissioning. Keen to find out more about electric mobility? Interested in our electric cars? Get more information about our ID. models and charging options from a Volkswagen dealer near you.

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