The night vision camera in action at night.
Night vision

Night vision

Night vision

Night vision

Helping you keep sight of the road whatever the weather.

See the unseable
Driving in fog, snow, sleet or rain with limited visibility is one of the most trying challenges you can face on the road. Our innovative night vision system scans up to 130 metres ahead and gives you warning if it detects any pedestrians, animals or cyclists.

How does night vision work?1
Infrared beams are projected up to 130 metres ahead which pick up on any thermal radiation emitted by objects. The detector then uses the temperature patterns to create a thermogram, giving you a detailed image of what lies ahead on the instrument cluster display.

Helping to keep you safe
Night vision works together with other driver assist systems. Anything the night vision system picks up, like animals and pedestrians, will be shown immediately on the digital cockpit or optional head-up display. In hazardous situations the night vision system will also ready brake assistance in case you need to come to a stop quickly

Please note: Night vision is currently available on the Touareg only.

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