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T-Roc in a woodland
T-Roc in a woodland

Finance offers
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With our finance products and offers covering new cars, servicing and Motability, driving away in a brand new Volkswagen has never been easier. Then there’s our helpful tools, including a part exchange calculator and a guide to finance options to help make paying for your next car more affordable. And if you run a business, we also have a wide range of offers and tools for fleet managers and company car drivers to explore.

We are still here for you during lockdown:

The Volkswagen electric car range

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Lease from home with Volkswagen

Leasing a new Volkswagen is easier than you think and can even be done during lockdown. Without you having to leave the sofa you can browse the range, get a quote, set up a Contract Hire agreement and arrange quick delivery to your chosen retailer online.

Lease offers

Volkswagen offers a wide selection of leasing options to suit your business. You can lease directly from Volkswagen online, simply choose from our available stock and set up a finance agreement, we’ll even arrange delivery for you. Take a closer look and discover our range of offers and services including Driverline, our dedicated service for business owners.

Owners offers

Our owners offers make it affordable to keep your Volkswagen in top condition. Services include seasonal checks for both the summer and winter months, air-con disinfection services to keep your Volkswagen feeling fresh, and more. We also offer 0% APR finance on our maintenance and repair work, so you can spread the cost in a way that works for you.

Part exchange valuation

Enter a few simple details about your Volkswagen and we’ll give you an idea of how much it could be worth when you part exchange.

Personal finance options explained

If you’re not sure what the difference between a Personal Contract Plan and Contract Hire is, we’re here to help. We’ve put together some explanations that provide a clear breakdown of all our finance packages so you can find the one that best suits your requirements.


Motability helps disabled people gain more independence by helping them buy and lease cars that are built around their needs.

Fleet and company car drivers

Motability helps disabled people gain more independence by helping them buy and lease cars that are built around their needs.

Warranties and insurance

We know how good it is to have some extra peace of mind, that’s why we provide warranties and insurance that comprehensively protect your Volkswagen. Find out more by clicking below.