Whole life cost calculator

Whole life cost is how we calculate how much your vehicle will cost you throughout its entire lifespan under your ownership.

While it can be tempting to jump at a good sale price, it’s far smarter to consider how much it will cost you in tax, repairs, fuel etc, so you can get a good deal overall. At Volkswagen, we pride ourselves on our reputation for building vehicles that have a competitive whole life cost.

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Whole life costs    
  •   405.0 VED and REG fee
  •   1008.74 NI
  •   1044.0 Insurance
  •   1586.0 SMR
  •   1472.85 Finance
  •   4964.4 Fuel
  •   7935.0 Depreciation
Source: Kwik Car 2018-12-01
Figures based on 36 months – 20,000 miles per annum.


Whole life costs explained

There are lots of factors that influence how much your car will cost over its lifetime. If you’re wondering what the costs are, look no further.

Here are some of the reasons why our cars will keep you and your wallet happy:

  • We never stop improving our engines and design so that they’re better built for fuel efficiency. So whether you’re buying a diesel, petrol, hybrid or electric Volkswagen, your fuel costs will always be a pleasant surprise.
  • There’s a lot to be said about German engineering. It comes with a well-deserved reputation of strength, reliability and trust, and it means we’re in high-demand. Consequently, a Volkswagen will always retain its worth, so when you sell it on you might be surprised at how much value it’s held.
  • We build our cars to last. We want you and your Volkswagen to be together for a good time and a long time, which is why we invest in technologies and materials that make for a reliable car that doesn’t require regular maintenance costs.


How the calculator works

VED (vehicle excise duty) and registration fees

VED is car tax. Every car owner must pay it, and some must pay more if the car’s older, has a larger engine or has higher CO2 emissions. If you’re leasing a car then the VED is included in your monthly payments, however purchasing a car outright involves paying a car tax fee every year to the DVLA.

NI (National Insurance)

Companies must pay Class 1A National Insurance on work benefits they give employees, such as a company car.


It’s vital that all businesses insure their fleet vehicles correctly, as not only does it protect your employees but it could save you from costly fines. The insurance in this tool is calculated on the national average.

SMR (service, maintenance and repair costs)

Regular services are crucial for today’s cars as the safety features and technology are so advanced that they need an expert’s eye. Maintenance can also add up and while things like run flat tyres are great, if you’re doing long mileage then you need to be replacing yours relatively frequently. We’ve calculated our costs based on your selected time-frame and mileage.


The cost of fuel is always fluctuating, however we’ve used the current price per litre to work out how much your fuel costs will be depending on your average mileage.


Depreciation is the rate at which the vehicle will lose value over a period of time. As soon as a vehicle is driven off the forecourt it immediately loses value so it’s important to choose a car that retains its worth as much as possible.

How to use the calculator

This tool is for fleet managers, small business and company car drivers, so the way you all manage and pay for your fleet may vary. For example, company car drivers might not pay for their fuel, insurance and services. When using the whole life calculator, please keep this in mind so you’re aware of the extras that may be included into your final cost.

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