Close up of the Volkswagen Golf's wheels
Close up of the Volkswagen Golf's wheels
Close up of the Volkswagen Golf's wheels

How your new Golf works

  1. How your new Golf works

Get acquainted with the Golf and all its features

We’ve created some useful videos to help you get to know your new Golf.

They include the basics, such as turning on your fog lights, how to lock the doors and boot, how to fill up and where to put your oil. And we’ve included some more advanced features too, such as setting the ACC, how the electronic handbrake works, how the folding door mirrors work and where the spare wheel is stored. 

Front of a Volkswagen Golf GTD

Golf GTD Blueline and GTD 

The striking design might be one of the first things that attracts you to the Golf GTD Blueline and GTD, but it’s got some impressive safety features and technology too. The Front Assist and City Emergency Braking are so sophisticated they can help to stop an accident before it’s even happened. And Predictive Pedestrian Protection uses sensors to detect if someone’s walking out in front of you. The system will press the emergency brake if it foresees a pedestrian getting too close.  

For more information watch our Golf GTD Blueline and GTD video

Golf SE Nav

There are a multitude of impressive features in the Golf SE Nav, including ACC, parking sensors, Multifunction steering wheel, Autolights and wipers and Front Assist. 

To find out how to unlock and use every feature of your new company car, watch our Golf SE Nav video

Front of the Volkswagen Golf SE Nav
Front of the Volkswagen Golf GT

Golf GT

From the Front Assist to the City Emergency Braking with Predictive Pedestrian Protection, the Golf GT has got some impressive features. Make the most of every one and learn how to use them by watching our Golf GT video.

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