Plug-in hybrid & electric fleet

As the world moves towards electric, we want to help you develop an electric fleet that will not only sustain the environment, but also your workforce. There may be barriers that electric is yet to overcome, but the technology is constantly improving, and it’s never been a better time to go electric.

A close up of an electric point plugged into a Volkswagen.

Plug-in hybrid and electric range

The Volkswagen range of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles is top of the range and always growing.

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A wall-mounted charging point.

Electric charging points

Many business fleets are leading the charge for sustainable transportation by installing charging points for their staff.

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A new Golf GTE being charged with electricity.

Running a fleet of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles

There are many reasons why going electric could help your business. Not only will you avoid taxes on high emission cars, but your company will be generating far fewer emissions.

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Three Volkswagen IDs with a city skyline as a backdrop, photographed at sunset.

Future electric cars

We’ve got big plans for the plug-in hybrid and electric sector.

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