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How much does it cost to charge my car at home, work and publicly?

There are lots of different factors that affect the cost of charging your electric car, including where you choose to charge and the current retail price charged by your electricity supplier. In 2018, the UK average is:

  • At home: £1.50 for a GTE / £6.16 for an eGolf / £3.22 for an e-up! on a home wallbox or 3 pin mains plug
  • At a public charge point (based on time spent): £4.50 at a public charge point for around a 2 hour charge
  • At a work charge point: £0 to £6.16, although this is set solely by the building manager or company.


There are some retail and entertainment car parks, supermarkets, gyms and local councils that will let you recharge for free.


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