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Electric and Hybrid Cars

What influences my electric/hybrid car’s mpg and range?

There are many factors that make a difference to the mpg and range of an electric or hybrid car, including:

  • Your driving speed
  • How much weight is in the car, e.g. passengers and luggage
  • The outside temperature
  • Your driving style, particularly accelerationand braking
  • Ascending and descending hills
  • Whether you’re using the heating or air conditioning
  • The driving mode you select


GTE drivers may notice the effect of these factors more than other drivers, because electric drive mode only uses one gear. This means the car’s electric engine works harder when driving at higher speeds, so the range is decreased. For example, if you drive at 60mph in a rural setting, the 31 mile range will decrease to around 15 miles.

When fully charged, the Golf GTE will show a range of 25 miles as opposed to the quoted 31 miles. This is because the car will assume you are using features such as the stereo, heated seats, or air conditioning – all of these consume electricity, which affects how far the electric engine can drive.

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