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How do I check the oil properly?

Because the oil in the engine is not visible, to check the level you must use the dipstick which is usually bright orange and found on the side of the engine. Remove the stick and wipe it clean with a piece of kitchen roll. Insert it back into the tube as low as the stick will go. Then pull the stick back out again and inspect the oil markings. At the bottom of the stick there are three sections. If your oil level is in section A, you do not need to top up at all. If the level is in section B you should fill it up, but if the oil level is in section C you must top it up straight away.

oil abc

There’s also an oil level warning light on some later Volkswagen models that looks like this:

oil level warning light

This will remind you when you need to top up. If you own a Touareg, you won’t be able to check your oil manually, as your car will do this electronically for you. Please check your handbook for further details. Click here to see a map with your nearest retailers to set up a minor service, which also includes an oil check.

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