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How do I store my summer tyres safely during the winter?

We suggest the following:

1. Locate a cool, dry location away from any heat or water pipes. Flooring should be free from grease, and oil as this can deteriorate the tyre rubber.

2. Your local Volkswagen will identify which tyre came from which wheel for you before placing the tyres into the tyre bags.

3. Wash and dry tyres (and wheels) to avoid any corrosion during storage.

4. Stack your tyres lying flat on the floor in their bags i.e.Tread facing outwards not up. Do not stack any higher than 4ft.

5. Slightly rotate the tyres once a month to avoid any distortion in the rubber. 6. We recommend that your Volkswagen retailer re-fits your tyres for you. They will check the rubber for any distortions and also make sure the tyre pressure is correct.

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