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What’s the difference between a Safety Recall and a Workshop Action?

A Safety Recall is issued by the factory if they discover any issues that could be safety related. We will notify the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), who oversee vehicle safety issues in the UK. The owner of every affected vehicle will be notified via letter advising them of the recall and asking them to take their vehicle to an authorised repairer as soon as possible to have it fixed free of charge. A Workshop Action is issued by the factory if they wish to apply an enhancement retroactively to specific vehicles. These are not safety related and therefore not urgent. No letter is sent to the owner but the work is done free of charge by an authorised repairer when the vehicle is brought in for service. Volkswagen is committed to your safety and your vehicles safety. To better understand what that means and what we do when you bring in your car for service, please see our Service Promise and What We Check And Why sections.

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