Meet the ultimate family car.

With an interior that can be almost endlessly configured, space for the entire clan, and innovative features to make your drive safer and more fun, the Sharan is much more than just a people carrier.

Sharan parked outside a modern home with a city positioned in the background

Designed for modern families

The Sharan’s elegant looks make it perfect for any occasion

Rear of the Sharan showing the back of the car's exterior design

Whatever your plans, your Sharan will take you there in style.

Every detail of the Sharan has been carefully designed for elegance. From the chrome strips on the radiator grille to the distinctive profile of the bonnet and sporty headlights. Your Sharan will turn heads everywhere from the high street to country lanes.


Light up the streets

Sharan’s muscular headlights aren’t just for decoration, they light your way with strength and precision. The optional bi-xenon headlights work dynamically through corners to illuminate your way as you turn. With the optional Light Assist the dipped beam headlight adapts its strength based on your speed, so when travelling faster than 37mph the lights change to a longer cone. Light Assist will also dim the headlights in the face of oncoming traffic, so you won’t need to constantly change manually. As well as the bi-xenon headlights, you can also opt for LED daytime running lights to improve visibility whether it’s day or night.

Sharan parked outside a modern home with its sliding doors open

Easy entry. Smooth exit.

Having a free hand, especially with children and shopping bags in tow, is not a common luxury. That’s why we’ve fitted the Sharan with optional electric sliding doors. Simply press the control on your keys, or with the touch of a button when you’re inside the car, and the doors will open or close. The days of struggling with the handle and door slamming are over.

Open boot at the back of the Sharan showing the space within

Open the boot with a swipe of your foot

The Easy Open boot makes life even more convenient. When approaching the boot with a heavy object there’s no longer any need to set it down and search for the keys at the bottom of your bag. Make a slight kicking action beneath the rear of the boot and, hey presto, the lid will open. The keyless access sensor will always recognise you if you have the keys in your possession.

Sharan 360 visualiser

Get in for a closer look

Want to take a virtual tour around the Sharan? With our 360 visualiser you can do just that. Follow the link below and take an in depth look at both the interior and exterior of the car. You can also change the paint, wheels and upholstery to get a glimpse of the available options.

A home away from home

The sumptuous design of the Sharan’s interior allows you to travel in total comfort

A perfect balance of function and style

We’ve considered every angle to give the Sharan an attractive interior that can cope with the strains of carrying the whole family. The durable Alcantara seat covers can deal with scrapes, spills and scuffs while the six-way adjustable driver’s seat offers you comfort for the journey ahead. Attractive decorative inlays on the dashboard and front door trim come as standard in all models. For an added personal touch, you can opt for the ‘Nappa’ or ‘Vienna’ leather packages to lend your interior an even more sophisticated profile.

Shot of the interior of the Sharan showing the seven seat configuration

Take a seat. Or seven.

If you opt for the seven-seater package you’ll open a host of seating possibilities in your Sharan. The third row of the package consists of two seats which can be folded to create more space. It also comes with a warning lamp and an acoustic signal so you can be sure that the passengers in the back row have fastened their seatbelts.

Rear seat with a integrated child seat shown

Secure child seats

You can opt for either one or two child seats when you pick up your Sharan. The seats are suitable for all children up to three years old and are securely fastened in by ISOFIX connections. The seats not only add comfort for your little ones, but also extra peace of mind for you.

Climacontrol setting dials on the Sharan's dashboard

Control the climate at the touch of a button

The optional Climatronic air conditioning system allows the driver, front passenger, and rear passengers to each set their own temperature according to their preferences. Climatronic’s indirect ventilation mode ensures a draught-free flow of air throughout the car. Plus, when you put the car in reverse or turn on the windscreen wipers, the Climatronic system will automatically switch to recirculation mode to stop unpleasant smells from entering.

A car with a view

Your Sharan can come with an optional 1.1 square metre panoramic sunroof made using tilting glass. It opens as far as the rear of the second row of seats meaning your passengers can indulge in some skygazing during night-time trips. When the sun is shining, you and everyone on board will be protected by the tint worked into the glass. However if the rays get too much, the sunroof comes with a blind that not only protects from heat, but also reduces noise created by the wind.

The panoramic sunroof shot from the front passenger floor position

Extra boot space for big adventures

Constantly find yourself struggling to fit everything into the boot? Never fear, the flexible seating in the Sharan really comes into its own when you need extra luggage space. With the Easy Fold function you can fold down the third and second row of seats, meaning that you’ll have a loading volume of 2,297 litres in the 7-seater, or 2,430 litres if you have a 5-seater.

Enjoy stress-free driving

The Sharan comes with driving assistance to make everyday driving easier

Expecting the unexpected

Knowing what lies ahead gives peace of mind, especially in heavy traffic. Adaptive Cruise Control uses sensors in the front of the Sharan to keep you a safe distance away from the car ahead, even at motorway speeds. Adaptive Cruise Control also helps you in traffic jams by stopping and starting the Sharan automatically. In the event of a nasty surprise, rest assured. The Front Assist with City Emergency Braking gives an audible and visual warning of a collision and lends a helping hand by applying the emergency brake.

Demonstrative diagram showing how Lane Assist works in a Sharan

Stay in your lane

The optional Lane Assist departure warning helps prevent accidents by telling you when you are straying out of your lane. If you drift out of the lane, the Sharan will provide a warning by gently counter-steering the car. When activated, the system will automatically kick in at speeds over 40mph, and will switch off when you go below 37mph or turn on your indicator.

Wing mirror showing the illuminated Blind Spot Warning icon

Keeping an eye on your blind spot

Staying aware of your blind spot can be a tricky task. The Sharan comes with a helpful blind spot sensor so you know if something is there, even if you can’t see it. If your Sharan comes too close to another vehicle, the sensor will warn you via an audible and visual warning. The system will even help lower the probability of an accident if the driver fails to react by applying the brakes.

Ingenious infotainment

Discover how the Touran is a truly connected family car.

Your car. Connected.

You should have the same connectivity in your car as you do in your home. Enter Car-Net. With Car-Net you’ll receive access to a host of online features that can help with everything from maps to music. Using Car-Net you can get real-time traffic data, petrol prices, and the quickest routes to your destination instantly.

Car-Net app connecting a smartphone to a Volkswagen
Screen showing the App Connect home-screen

Easily connect your car to your phone

Car-Net’s App Connect makes it easier than ever before to sync your mobile phone to your car. App Connect allows you to play your smartphone through your Sharan’s sound system and access compatible apps by using MirrorLink, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to open Spotify, Stitcher, and a host of podcast players.

Loudspeaker within the Sharan

Take the show on the road

The Sharan comes with three options to get you wired for sound. The standard ‘Composition Colour’ comes with eight loudspeakers as well as an easy-to-use 12.7cm colour touchscreen. It also features a CD drive, can read SD cards, receives FM radio and has an AUX-IN socket for your devices. The ‘Composition’ option comes with the same features but with added Bluetooth connectivity and an enlarged 16.5cm touchscreen. Finally, the ‘Discover Media’ navigation comes with proximity sensors which detect where your finger is going and then enlarge the icon to make navigation simple.

Mobile phone being used with the mobile interface

Stay in touch wherever you are

Making calls safely while on the road is easy in your Sharan. The Sharan’s mobile phone interface hooks your device up to a digital speech processor for high-quality handsfree conversations, for even better reception you can also sync your phone with the Sharan’s external aerial.