The Touran. Beautifully functional.

Impressive performance blended with effortless style. Meet a car the whole family will love.

Touran parked in an urban car park with clouds setting in in the background

Anything but ordinary

The Touran’s eye-catching exterior design adds a stylish twist to the functional family car.

Front LED headlight of the Touran

Powerful headlights

The Touran’s optional LED headlights are designed to provide greater visibility when you’re driving through the night. They also last longer than conventional bulbs so your brake and tail lights will fail less frequently. If you opt for ‘Dynamic Light Assist’ your Touran will partially conceal areas of the main beam when it detects oncoming traffic, so you won’t dazzle other drivers.

Wheels that turn heads

There are a number of attractive options when it comes to choosing the wheels for your Touran. The distinctive lines of the Vallelunga wheels lend the car a striking edge, while the sturdy Trondheim design provides a more muscular profile. Your wheels come with anti-theft nut-bolts to give you added peace of mind.

Touran's range of wheels
Man opening the boot of his Touran with a kicking motion beneath the rear

Open your boot, hands-free

The Touran’s optional ‘Easy Open’ boot makes loading and unloading simple. Whether you’re carrying shopping bags, your gym kit, or even a child or two, you can open the boot without setting anything down. Your Touran will detect your car keys as you approach, then with a gentle kicking motion the boot will open allowing you to easily fill up or empty the car.

Get in for a closer look

Want to take a virtual tour around the Touran? With our 360 visualiser you can do just that. Follow the link below and take an in depth look at both the interior and exterior of the car. You can also change the paint, wheels and upholstery to get a glimpse of the available options.


Luxury you can depend on

The clever use of space combined with sturdy yet attractive furnishings adds extra comfort for all your adventures.

Space for everyone

From Grandma down to the family dog, there’s room enough for all the family in your Touran. Intelligent interior design gives maximum space with three full size seats in the second row and an additional two seats back in the third row. When not in use, all the rear seats can be folded down to create a spacious flat loading floor. There is also a central console perfect for drinks, phones, and any other items you have to hand. Plus, to keep an eye on those at the back, a seat belt recognition system ensures you know that everyone is buckled up.

Interior shot showing the space of a seven seater Touran
A small child sleeping peacefully in the fixed child seat

Comfort and protection for little ones on board

The optional integrated child seats are ideal for kids over 115cm and weighing between 15-36kg. Side head restraints are not just for safety, they also provide extra comfort at the end of a busy day. The raised cushion meanwhile provides a pleasant seating position while lending extra side support. If your child doesn’t meet the height and weight requirements for the seat, don’t worry. The ISOFIX retaining rings allow you to fix a more suitable seat into your Touran.

Seatbelt reminder illuminated on the Touran's dashboard

Always buckled up

It can be a challenge to keep tabs on whether your passengers are all wearing their seatbelts, especially with cheeky smaller passengers in tow. The seatbelt reminder function, which comes as standard in all Tourans, shows a warning on the car’s multifunctional display if a seatbelt hasn’t been engaged. Even as far back as the third row. If the seatbelt remains undone, a warning noise will alert you to the problem.

Climatronic control hub shown on the Touran dashboard

Find your perfect climate

The innovative Climatronic air conditioning system allows the driver, front passenger, and those sitting on the rear bench to control their temperature settings individually. The system itself is also reactive, meaning it will change the temperature based on the strength of the Sun and will clear condensation on your windows. Climatronic will also filter the air coming in from pollen, spores, and other forms of pollution to keep the air inside your Touran clean.

Look to the skies

Give your Touran the feeling of boundless space. The optional 1.4 square metre panoramic sunroof bathes your Touran in natural light and treats all of your passengers to incredible views up into the skies. If thing become a little bit stuffy, the sun roof opens up to let fresh air sweep through the car. As an added feature, ambient lighting is built into the roof and illuminates when the doors are opened before dimming pleasantly when the doors are closed.

The panoramic sunroof opening up on the sky

Helping you stay safe out there

A wide variety of driving assistance tools have been carefully designed to make your Touran safe on the roads.

Graphic demonstrating Front Assist

A helping hand when you need it most

The Touran’s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) measures the speed and distance of the vehicle in front so when your cruising along the motorway you can be safe in the knowledge that you aren’t too close to other traffic. For city driving the emergency braking system can prove extremely useful. This enhancement to ACC will assist with the emergency brake at speeds of up to 18mph, helping you confidently deal with the unexpected.

Demonstration of the Touran using Lane Assist to scan the road around it

Change lanes with ease

When changing lanes the Touran has your back, literally. Radar sensors in the rear of the car detect other vehicles behind you, including in your blind spot, and will warn you via an icon in the rear-view mirror. The additional Rear Traffic Alert system also gives you an acoustic warning If it detects another vehicle as you reverse out of a parking space. In an emergency, the system will even brake the vehicle to help you avoid an accident.

Demonstration of the Touran with Traffic Jam Assist enabled

A helping hand when you need it most

Taking the stress out of unexcepted situations, the Touran keeps you safer than ever before. If the Front Assist detects a possible collision, it lets you know with an acoustic and visual warning and prepares the car for emergency braking. If you don't react, City Emergency Braking steps in to slow the car down, with the aim of fully avoiding a collision or reducing its impact.

Technology for your trailer

Many drivers list manoeuvring with a trailer attached to the back as one of the toughest challenges they face. That’s why the Touran comes with Trailer Assist, a system designed to make driving with a trailer in tow easier. To activate it all you need to do is engage first gear and press the parking aid button, then use the mirror adjustment switch to set where you want your trailer to go. The Touran will automatically steer while you simply control the gears, acceleration and braking.

Diagram showing the trailer assist help park a Volkswagen with a trailer attached

Complete connectivity

Your Touran’s useful infotainment options keep you connected on the road

App-Connect shown on the Touran's dashboard

Take you apps for the journey

Opt for the Composition Media Infotainment system or higher and you’ll gain access to the Touran’s Car-Net App-Connect feature. This allows you to display compatible apps on the dashboard. Apps including Spotify, Stitcher and Apple Music are all available and can be quickly navigated to provide plenty of entertainment options on your trips.

Keep an eye on your passengers

Staying aware of what’s going on at the back of the car, especially with six passengers, can seem like an impossible task. Your Touran’s optional Cam-Connect feature uses a GoPro® camera set up so you can check on how everyone in the back is getting on. If  you do need to step in as a mediator, the Composition and Discover Media packages come with an optional electronic voice enhancer so you can easily step in.

Dog in the back passenger seats being shown on the Cam-Connect feature
Media Control displaying Sat Nav on the dashboard of the Touran

Volkswagen Media Control - a remote for your Touran

Download the Volkswagen Media Control app and you can turn your tablet or smartphone in a remote control for your Touran. Using the app you or your passengers can control the music to set the perfect soundtrack for your road trips. Alternatively, with some help from Google®, you can discover interesting destinations and transfer them to the Touran’s dashboard to get directions.

Composition Colour screen showing a range of radio stations

Sound systems that rock the road

When it comes to being wired for quality sound, the Touran has you covered. The standard Composition Colour radio is operated via a 16.5cm colour screen and comes with four loudspeakers. To give the sound an added boost, the Composition Media radio doubles the number of loudspeakers to eight and comes with an enhanced 20.3cm colour screen. The Comfortline and Highline models also have the option of the Discover Pro radio navigation system which allows you to scan radio stations using gesture control. Discover Pro boasts the largest screen, which measures 23.4cm, as well as voice control.

Cutting edge technology

The Touran is home to the class-leading tech that has built Volkswagen’s stellar reputation.

Touran R-Line parked in a driveway by the sea

Low consumption, maximum power

We work hard to ensure that our engines give you the best performance and power without the need for high energy consumption. Whether you opt for a TSI petrol or TDI diesel engine for your Touran, you can be sure that it complies with the Euro 6 standard. The TSI petrol engine runs at maximum torque, even at low speeds, while the turbocharger paired with the direct fuel injection creates a perfectly balanced drive. The TDI diesel engine meanwhile boasts high torque for outstanding handling and performance.

Create your ideal driving profile

We all drive differently, and having to find your perfect settings before setting off on a drive can become tiring. The optional driving profile selection feature takes the headache out of rediscovering your driving position by saving your settings in a personalised profile. The drive, steering, dual clutch gearbox and even the air conditioning settings can all be personalised and stored, then all you need to do is press a button and they will all be activated. There is also a pre-set eco-driving profile if you fancy driving particularly economically.

Driving profile selector on the dashboard display screen