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Brilliant new £14k Up GTI scraps with £2.5m Bug'. Fun comes in all shapes and sizes


14 July 2017

Vibration is pushing through the Up GTI’s pedals and reverberating through its phat-bottomed steering wheel. Odd, given the littlest VW’s usually good as gold; refinement-wise, top of the tots. But it’s not the newest, teeniest VW hot hatch to blame. This being a German prototype, it’s finished to an immaculate, eat-your-dinner-off-the-tartan standard. The heated plaid is simmering gently; its crystal-clear reversing camera is hooked up to the pin-sharp radio readout. Everything functions at showroom demo quality. But in the onslaught of an 8.0-litre, 16-cylinder, turbocharger-squared hurricane, it’s trembling. An Up GTI at eye level with a Bugatti Chiron’s gaping rear void is buffeted like a sparrow in the wake of an Airbus A380. And the Bug’s not even selected a gear yet. It’s idling.

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