T-Roc in a woodland
T-Roc in a woodland
T-Roc in a woodland

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Check out our great offers on finance, servicing, Motability and many other Volkswagen products making it easier to drive away in a new Volkswagen

Finance options explained

Find out how each of our finance options work

Overview of finance options


Hire purchase

Contract hire

Existing finance customers


Helping people who receive specific allowances to buy or lease cars

About motability


Volkswagen Insurance offers a range of Insurance products, all of which have been designed to provide you with quality service and support if your Volkswagen is damaged in an accident or stolen.

Volkswagen Car Insurance

Volkswagen Ensurance

Fixed cost maintenance plans

Local business leasing

Contract hire could be right for you

Local business offers

Why lease from us

Volkswagen Driverline

Local business FAQs

Company car driver

When you're choosing your new company car you'll want to know about cost, in the form of company car tax.

Find the right Volkswagen for you

Tax calculator

Taxation chart brochure

Tax free sales

If you're a UK tax payer and you're buying a new Volkswagen in the UK, to use outside the UK, you may be able to buy it tax-free

Personal exports

Armed forces personnel

Diplomatic sales

Service and maintenance plans

Our range of Volkswagen Service and Maintenance Plans allow us to take really good care of your Volkswagen whilst keeping your aftercare cost remarkably affordable and predictable.

Service plan overview

Service plan: Cars under 1 year old

Service plan: Cars over 1 year old

Fixed cost maintenance plan

Popular offers

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