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Night shot of Volkswagen car  in street

Finance options explained

Volkswagen finance made simple

We have lots of great videos to help you understand finance and what to expect when you are considering purchasing a new car

Man smiling next to his parked Volkswagen car

Solutions Personal Contract Plan Explained

For personal customers

Solutions PCP is our flexible finance plan designed to allow you to drive a new or used vehicle sooner than you may think

- Flexible deposit
- Fixed monthly payments
- Agreed future value
- 3 options at the end - Keep it, change it or own it

For more information watch our Solutions PCP video

Man walking towards a Volkswagen car

Hire Purchase Explained

For personal customers

Hire Purchase is a simple and straightforward way to finance your Volkswagen

- Flexible deposit
- Fixed monthly payments
- Ownership at the end of your agreement

For more information watch our Hire Purchase video

Man walking in front of a parked Volkswagen car

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) Explained

For personal & business customers

Contract Hire is a rental agreement that allows you to drive a Volkswagen without needing to own it

- Fixed initial rental
- Fixed monthly rentals throughout the term
- Hand the car back at the end of your agreement

For more information watch our Personal Contract Hire video

Woman walking in front of a parked Volkswagen car

Representative APR Explained

APR stands for the Annual Percentage Rate. The Representative APR indicates the annual costs applied to your loan (including not just the rate of interest but also any fees). All lenders have to calculate the APR in the same way, making it a reliable way to compare the costs of different loans.

For more information watch our Representative APR video

Night shot of Volkswagen car in street

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) Explained

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and is a way of indicating the amount of interest you will have to pay over a year.

For more information watch our Annual Percentage Rate (APR) video

Man in suit standing by a Volkswagen car

Optional Final Payment Explained

Some finance types give you a future value your car will be worth at the end of your finance agreement, this is called the optional final payment or guaranteed future value and it does just that. By giving you protection that your vehicle will be worth this amount as a minimum at the end of your finance term.

For more information watch our Optional Final Payment  video

Dusk shot of parked Volkswagen car

Finance Equity Explained

Equity is the value of your financial interest in a vehicle, calculated by subtracting the amount of the loan you have yet to pay off from the overall price of your car. If the actual value of your car exceeds the car’s guaranteed minimum future value, the extra money is equity that can be used as a deposit on your next car.

For more information watch our Finance Equity Explained video

Volkswagen Passat parked in wet street

Existing finance customers

At Volkswagen Financal Services, we always like to be easy to deal with. Whether you want to make changes to your agreement or just need some friendly help, we’re always here to assist.

Front shot of a green Volkswagon R-Line

Early Settlement Explained

Early Settlement is the termination of a finance agreement by paying all monies outstanding before the lease end date. When settling early it is important to note you could be liable for additional interest charges

For more information watch our Early Settlement Explained video

Woman walking her dog next to a parked Volkswagen car

Comparing Finance Quotes

Not sure which is the best finance type for you when it comes to buying your next car? Our video will help explain what to look for so you can compare quotes accurately. 

For more information watch our Comparing Finance Quotes video