Air Conditioning Service

Benefits of having your air con serviced

1.  Keeps you fresh, alert and safer

2.  Maintains the mechanical integrity of the system

3.  Our fixed price air conditioning service includes a system refresh

4.  Special offer price with our Fixed Price Servicing for Volkswagen 3-15 years old, up to and including 2.0 litre engines*.​

Why does it need to be serviced?

Your air conditioning system can lose up to 10 percent of its gas each year. Unless it's replaced the system will be less able to keep you cool and refreshed.

What happens if it's not serviced?

The system will continue to lose gas, become less efficient and lead to increased fuel consumption. It will eventually fail and need replacement parts.

What do we do?

We drain and recharge the system; check hoses, filters, belts and connections; and make sure the compressor and condenser are working correctly.

How often does it need to be serviced?

Volkswagen recommends every 2 years.

Fixed price servicing

Fixed Price Servicing

More information regarding Fixed Price Servicing Offers.

Fixed Price Servicing

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