Wiper blade replacement

Windscreen Wipers

Benefits of having your wiper blades replaced

1.  Genuine Volkswagen wiper blades are designed for your car and the curve of the windscreen to avoid lifting and/or noise. So you can see clearly even in bad conditions and drive safely

2.  We promise to fit wiper blades (average part price less than £16) bought from us free of charge.

Why does my wiper blade need replacing?

The correct size of wiper blade for your windscreen is the only way to keep it clear. Blades are made of rubber, so they wear over time and become less effective. You may not notice they are worn until your visibility is affected.

What happens if they are not replaced?

If the wiper blades don't make proper contact with the windscreen, you'll get streaky or unwiped areas, which makes it hard to see the road ahead. It is also part of your MOT test to have your wiper blades in good condition.

What do we do?

We check the wiper blades and if they are worn or broken we will let you know before replacing them for you.

How often do they need to be checked?

At every MOT test.