Five clever ways to save

Technologies which help you to save money on fuel and cut down on CO2 emissions.

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1. Save every time you stop

Our Start/Stop technology saves fuel and therefore cuts emissions by automatically switching off the engine when the car isn't in motion.

Brake and speed bumps

2. Save every time you brake

Our Brake Energy Recuperation system saves fuel by making the most of energy that's usually lost when you brake.

Recuperation recycles the energy normally lost during braking by storing and then using it for acceleration or starting. When you're trying to save energy while driving it makes sense to recover it where you can. One way we've done this is to raise the alternator voltage when slowing down and braking. This increases battery charging and helps the car slow down. The alternator load is then reduced when accelerating to lighten the burden on the engine and cut fuel consumption. Recuperation is a feature of some of our BlueMotion cars.

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3. Save every time you move

Our low rolling resistance tyres save you fuel by reducing the friction between the tyre and the road, meaning it takes less energy - and less fuel - to go further. ​
Low rolling resistance tyres are fitted to most of our models - just look out for the description in our pricelists or configurator.

you accelerate

4. Save every time you accelerate

Our turbocharged engines deliver more power when you need it and use less fuel when you don't.

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5. Save every time you drive

Aerodynamic design helps cars to cut through the air with ease, saving you fuel and saving you money. The smoother the airflow over your car as it goes forward, the less drag there is holding it back and the less effort is needed to move the car forward.
How some of our models achieve this:

  • The body is more streamlined and gaps between panels are narrower
  • Headlights and indicators are combined
  • Radiator grilles, underbody panels and spoilers are designed to reduce drag

Please refer to your Volkswagen Owner's manual for official guidance on use and operation of all our technology.