Car safety

Top protection for you and your passengers

At Volkswagen we take your safety very seriously. That's why we build our cars to offer maximum protection in the event of an accident. Crumple zones - part of the tough safety shell, airbags (up to 9 in some models) and Isofix child seat fixings are standard in all Volkswagens. And our tyre checking and repair systems help keep you safely on the road, even when the unexpected happens. Our cars go through a comprehensive programme of crash tests, before they are launched onto the market. Many models are also subject to independent Euro NCAP testing, more details of which can be found in the Euro NCAP section of this website.

Traffic jam assist in a Volkswagen

Braking and stability systems

We're constantly developing new technologies to help keep your car safe and smooth on the road.

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airbags in a Volkswagen


Airbags are an essential safety feature. They cushion the impact of collisions, reducing the risk of injury.

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An image showing the crumple zones of a Volkswagen

Crumple zones

Crumple zones are part of the tough safety shell of our cars, helping to protect you and your passengers in the event of an accident.

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A mother looks at her child

Child safety

Your child's safety is a priority - for us, as well as you. That's why we use Isofix child seat fixings in all our cars.

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flat tyre indicator

Tyre pressure and flat tyre sensors

We've got lots of ways to help you keep driving safely.

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A crash test dummy in an NCAP test


Your protection is a priority for us, so we welcome these tough independent crash tests carried out on our cars.

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A man uses keyless entry to open his Volkswagen

Locking and security systems

We like to make life easier for you and mroe difficult for thieves, so we fit a range of security systems to our cars.

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A volkswagen outside a 24/7 store

Driver Alert System

Our new Driver Alert System gives early warning of when you need to take a break on long and tiring journeys, making motorway driving safer.

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Please refer to your Volkswagen Owner's manual for official guidance on use and operation of all our technology.