Power assisted steering

Adapts your steering to suit your speed

Power Steering Wheel in a Volkswagen

Power assisted steering checks your speed and adapts the steering for easier and more comfortable driving

You need different levels of steering help depending on what you're doing behind the wheel. If you slow down and start looking for a parking space you want more help to give you fine control and easy handling. Out on the open road you want less power assistance to give you control of the car at higher speeds.

Our speed-sensitive power-assisted steering system senses what's needed automatically and adjusts the steering accordingly. And the system saves energy in the way it works. At its heart is a compact electric pump, which is designed to give the assistance needed - without draining power from the engine as a hydraulic system would.

This advanced electro-mechanical power steering system is rewardingly adaptive. Sensors monitor road speed and steering angle to work out what you are doing behind the wheel.

If you're parking, it will give you more assistance - and reduce it if you are driving along happily. It has a mild self-centring action and compensates for hazards such as crosswinds and tricky cambers.

Please refer to your Volkswagen Owner's manual for official guidance on use and operation of all our technology.