Turns your car into a concert hall

an in car shot of the Dynaudio premium audio in situ in a Volkswagen

Dynaudio was founded over 35 years ago as the dream of uncompromising music enthusiasts who were also exceptional engineers. The aim was simple – to deliver the purest sound possible - aptly described by the company motto “all there is”. Even today, Dynaudio never tries to follow market trends or fads, but instead develops luxury loudspeakers for music enthusiasts who have only the very highest expectations. Denmark was the country where the first loudspeaker was invented. As befits such a tradition, Dynaudio has been innovating from its very first day. The company has always been at the cutting edge of audio advancements with a host of technological firsts to its name. It was the first company to use aluminium voice coils for higher precision, the first to implement a compound system to achieve bass below 14Hz with a passive speaker and, in 2012, it was the first to introduce a high-end wireless loudspeaker system.

Dynaudio’s superlative sound quality is also in demand in professional studios: the company has become renowned for its professional active monitors, with sound engineers at the world’s most preeminent recording studios all relying on Dynaudio, Its speakers can be found at AIR, Mayfair Studios and the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England; the NRG Studios in Hollywood, California; and Paragon Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

In fact, wherever perfection is demanded – be it the BBC, Danish Radio or CCTV in China - Dynaudio loudspeakers are used as the reference standard.

Dynaudio’s current in-car systems

If you can tell the difference between a true hi-fi in a car and an in-car hi-fi, then you'll appreciate the impeccable quality of Dynaudio’s sound systems.
Maybe you spend more time listening to music in your car than you do at home. Perhaps you want to replicate the pleasure of a great home hi-fi when you're on the move. Whatever the reason, if you demand the very best in sound quality, then the premium sound systems from Danish high-end loudspeaker specialist Dynaudio are the perfect choice. Speakers are perfectly integrated throughout the luxury interior of the car. Every Dynaudio sound system offers a clear and precise soundstage with wonderfully lifelike dynamics.

Dynaudio Confidence V1

This brand new audio system from Dynaudio offers a 16-channel digital amplifier and 700 watt output. The 10 speakers and subwoofer provide a fantastic sound and bass throughout your car. 

Dynaudio Excite V1

The Excite soundsystem has an 8-channel digital amplifier, and a 300 watt output. The eight speakers placed around the car offer an impressive music experience. 

Dynaudio Consequence Premium Soundpack

This premium Dynaudio offering comes with a Dolby 7.1 watt digital amplifier. The two mid-range speakers in the front door, paired with the four speakers in the rear doors, a central speaker in the dash panel and the additional speakers in the D-pillars ensure that whatever you’re listening to, it’ll be crystal clear. The subwoofer adds an impressive layer of bass into your music. 

Older Dynaudio in-car systems

Dynaudio has developed its in-car sound systems specifically for Volkswagen. A precise number of eight to 12 high performance speakers (depending on the size of the cabin), plus matching digital amplifiers (one channel per loudspeaker) with Digital Sound Processor (DSP) technology and a total minimum continuous output offer exceptional music reproduction with dynamic and uncompromised sound, even at high levels.
The low-resonance speakers are strategically integrated in your car for ideal sound distribution, with the system tailored to each specific model interior by means of the digital signal processor. And with no vibration or distortion to spoil your listening pleasure, you - and every passenger - will enjoy a pure listening experience. Such authentic musical reproduction is what has made Dynaudio famous over its 35-year history.

For resolution of the highest frequencies, fabric tweeters are fitted in the front as well as in the in the rear of the cabin for balanced sound distribution throughout. Depending on the quality and price point the systems comprise either a two-way or a four-way system in the front, which always combines with a dedicated matching two-way system in the rear. The multi-sub concept in every model reproduces tight and dynamic bass through the four individually placed bass drivers in the doors. This arrangement avoids the uneven bass, typical of many single-driver or hidden-subwoofer systems. The woofer membranes are made of a proprietary material MSP (magnesium silicate polymer), which is very light, dimensionally stable and resonance-free. Powerful twin magnets, enabling extreme dynamics and stability under load, drive the membranes.

Another highlight of the Dynaudio sound system is the speaker voice coils: unlike in ordinary speakers, the voice coils of the Dynaudio sound system are made not of copper, but light aluminum, allowing larger coil diameters for more precise vibration characteristics. The result is authentic and transparent music reproduction.

But don't just take our word for it. Audio industry bible What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision gave Dynaudio’s in-car sound system the highest possible score in a wonderful five-star review.

Dynaudio 'Confidence' sound system in the pre-2018 Touareg

Featuring no fewer than 12 exceptional loudspeakers, all perfectly integrated into the luxury interior of the Touareg – amplified by a 12-channel 620-watt digital amplifier. Thanks to advanced digital sound processing, the acoustic engineers from Dynaudio and Volkswagen have been able to take the in-car musical experience to new levels through an innovative feature. Four dedicated sound settings are available (details below). The result is a perfectly balanced sound experience – no matter what kind of music you enjoy.

Sound Settings:

This reproduces the music exactly as it is found on the original recording. Delivering all the detail, power and dynamics you would expect from Dynaudio, it is also absolutely neutral. No colouration and no increase or decrease of specific frequencies occurs. Dynaudio is famous for this setting, and not just in the professional studio world.
This setting is dedicated to music fans who love rock acts and like real power from a performance. The sound reproduction is life-like and widens the soundstage.
Dynaudio and Volkswagen recommend this setting for low-resolution recordings or broadcasts, such as those from the radio or compressed MP3 files. The setting irons out any harsh or resonating sounds by tempering the high and upper mid frequencies. An enjoyable sound experience is therefore still possible from these sources.
Specially made for reproducing the human voice, this setting increases the mids, whereas bass and high notes have been reduced. This sound setting is ideal for news broadcasts, audio books or hands-free communication devices. While using a hands-free communication device in the Touareg, the sound system will automatically choose the Speech setting. After a call is ended the system will automatically revert to the previously enabled mode.

Dynaudio 'Temptation' sound system in the Phaeton

This flagship sound system from the multi-award winning high-end Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Dynaudio features 12 superlative loudspeakers amplified by a 12-channel digital amplifier delivering 1000 watts, all perfectly integrated into your Phaeton for the very finest sound quality. With no vibration or distortion to spoil your listening pleasure you'll find the result is truly magical. Dynaudio’ s ‘Temptation’ sound system is standard on Phaeton models. Four dedicated sound settings and four specific focus adjustments are available. The result is a perfectly balanced sound experience – no matter what kind of music style you enjoy.

Sound focus

Thanks to advanced DSP technology, Dynaudio offers the very best sound wherever you sit in the Phaeton. As soon as the driver defines one (or more) seat(s) to become the focus of the sound, the DSP calculates the most accurate reproduction of the soundstage for this specific setting. As a result, the sound focus can be set to the driver’s seat, all front or rear passenger seats without any influence on the sound quality or the sound pressure level.

Please refer to your Volkswagen Owner's manual for official guidance on use and operation of all our technology.