Maps + More App

Feet on a dashboard with a device showing maps

“maps + more” smartphone integration is a new feature on board the up!: simply connect to the dash pad, couple via Bluetooth and a smartphone is transformed into an infotainment system with navigation functions, on-board computer and much more thanks to the Volkswagen “maps + more” app.

Product information

The new “maps + more” smartphone integration for the up! is a docking station for smartphones up to 5.5 inches in size, and is located directly above the dash pad. The smartphone integration includes a USB port for charging and data transfer.

The smartphone is coupled with the “composition phone” radio (see description) via the systems own Bluetooth* interface and the systems hands-free function can also be used.

Thanks to the Volkswagen “maps + more” app, all common iOS or Android smartphones can be integrated into the control system of the “composition phone”.

The systems handwriting recognition via the smartphones touchscreen is a special feature which helps the driver to search for names, numbers, addresses or music titles; Every letter entered further refines the search.

The following functions are available via the menus of the “maps + more” Volkswagen app:

  • Media/Radio accesses all of the available music files (SD card, smartphone, AUX-IN) and displays the title, artist and cover. In addition, the driver can use this function to search for and save radio stations (FM, AM, DAB+). The radio station along with any text and logo are also displayed. All of the functions can be controlled via the handwriting recognition (see description).
  • Navigation enables off-line navigation without roaming costs with a 2D or 3D map view. Map updates (TomTom) are available for three years free of charge. Additional services provide information about the traffic, parking and refuelling options (including fuel prices) in the vicinity. These functions can also be controlled via the handwriting recognition.
  • The MFD multi-function display provides vehicle information, along with information about fuel consumption, the distance driven and the time required.
  • Instruments shows circular displays for the engine speed and coolant temperature.
  • The The Think Blue. Trainer. Function provides a “light version” of the familiar app from Volkswagen: your driving style is analysed to offer you assistance with a selection of games and training tasks, to help you save fuel and become more efficient in your driving.
  • Telephone enables the driver to use the hands free function via Bluetooth (see above) to telephone safely and legally. In addition, he can access to all of the contact information stored on the smartphone- also using handwriting recognition.
  • Service and Info Call connects the driver with 0800-VWSERVICE.
  • Settings contains all of the menu settings for the functions previously mentioned.
  • The additional Electronics function for the e-up! contains a charging manager, an energy flow display and the recuperation statistics.

*Lists of compatible smartphones with Bluetooth function and coupling instruments are available at the Volkswagen website and also on the smartphone manufacturers’ website.


1. The simplest solution: Volkswagen integrates the smartphone into the up! like a permanently fitted infotainment system- clip, connect, done.

2. The new “maps + more” smartphone integration in combination with the “maps + more” Volkswagen app and the “composition phone” radio provide the up! with a complete radio and navigation system.

3. The new “maps + more” smartphone integration enables the driver to control a broad range of navigation, audio and vehicle-related functions without having to purchase a completely new radio and navigation system.

4. The handwriting recognition guarantees rapid and efficient searches for data and systems without unnecessarily distracting the driver from the traffic situation.

Please refer to your Volkswagen Owner's manual for official guidance on use and operation of all our technology.