Area View

Keep an eye on everything from the driver's seat.

Area View enables the new Passat and Touareg drivers to see the entire area surrounding their vehicle. It offers a number of views, which you can select according to the specific traffic situation and the action you intend to take.

The all-round birds eye view of the area around the vehicle is provided by four cameras, which are discreetly integrated into the vehicle. The front camera is located in the radiator grille, the rear camera is fitted in the handle of the tailgate and the side cameras are accommodated in the side mirrors. The wide-angle cameras capture the entire area around the vehicle so that now the driver can even see into the "blind-spot".

In the bird's eye view, touch operation can be used to select the four cameras to give detail views of the areas in front of, behind and to the left and right of the vehicle.

With Area View, you can "see around corners". For example, when driving forwards out of a parking space or an exit you can see pedestrians and cyclists coming from the side. The cameras will show you other road users on the display of the radio navigation system before you can see them.

In the front view mode, there is a choice between the above, split view, the sole front view (one perspective) as well as the front view with help lines for parking.

In addition, Area View can be used for manoeuvres such as attaching trailers. The trailer view provides a line on the camera image which accurately guides the driver up to the trailer hitch.

Please refer to your Volkswagen Owner's manual for official guidance on use and operation of all our technology.