Lane assist

Keeps your car safely in the right lane

Lane Assist stops your car from drifting out of its lane, reducing the chance of an accident and making long motorway journeys much safer.

The Lane Assist system is like a friendly co-driver. If it senses your car is drifting out of your driving lane it gently counter-steers the car back on line.

Since many accidents are caused by cars leaving their lanes when the driver's concentration falters, this innovative system makes driving safer and easier. The lane-keeping assistant uses a camera located in the rear-view mirror unit to monitor the road markings and prevent an unintended deviation. The system only intervenes if the indicators are not activated, so if you do want to change lanes and signal your intention, the intelligent system recognises this and switches off.

How it works
When the system is switched on, Lane Assist automatically becomes active from 40 mph upwards. A camera built into the driver's rear view mirror detects the lane markings and works out the position of the vehicle. If the car starts to drift off lane, the lane keeping assistant takes corrective action. If the maximum action it can take is not enough to stay in lane, or the speed falls below 40 mph Lane Assist warns you with a vibration of the steering wheel. Then it's up to you to take correcting action.

If Lane Assist is activated, a yellow control symbol, shaped like a road, lights up. As soon as the camera has analysed the road markings, this symbol turns green, showing the system is live. If your car then leaves its lane, Lane Assist takes soft and continuous correcting action. If you take your hands off the wheel, the system makes a sound and displays a message, making a takeover request.
If you stop holding the wheel for longer, the function automatically turns itself off. You can counteract Lane Assist, if you wish, by softly steering against it.

Please refer to your Volkswagen Owner's manual for official guidance on use and operation of all our technology.



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