Side assist

Warns you of approaching traffic before changing lanes

Two Volkswagens on the road demonstrate Side Assist

When you want to change lanes, Side Assist tells you about other vehicles that are too close or in your blind spot.

Before changing lanes on a fast, busy road, you'll check your mirrors and glance over your shoulder to see if the road is clear. But what about your blind spot? When you indicate that you're about to change lanes, our Side Scan lane change assistant warns you about approaching traffic which could pose a danger.

If there are cars coming up from behind - closer than 50 metres - or in your blind spot, warning LED lights will flash in your wing mirrors to alert you. In this way you know exactly what is happening around you and can avoid any danger.

The system is designed to alert you only when necessary: stationary objects or oncoming vehicles do not trigger warnings. It also ignores vehicles which are more than one lane across, so you're not distracted with frequent warnings. Side scan is activated by pushing a button. It only works from speeds above 40 mph and is primarily designed for motorway driving. You can also switch off the system yourself.

So, you'll still want to be careful when changing lanes, but Side Assist gives you valuable extra help to make every long journey a little more comfortable.

Side Assist Plus with Rear Traffic Alert

The brand new Side Assist Plus feature comes with rear traffic alert. Radar-sensors control the warning system for changing lanes and blind spot, when you’re driving at 6mph or above.

The system notices fast-approaching vehicles in adjacent lanes, and provides a visual warning through a light placed in the wing mirror.

Please refer to your Volkswagen Owner's manual for official guidance on use and operation of all our technology.



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