The ‘Fender’ premium sound pack

Eight speakers and a subwoofer.

Fender soundsystem in a Volkswagen

The ‘Fender’ premium soundpack is available as an upgrade to the RCD 510 DAB radio system, RNS 315 navigation/DAB radio system or RNS 510 DVD navigation/DAB radio system. The central element of the sound system is a 10 channel amplifier with class A/B power amplifiers and an output of 400 watts.

The Beetle is the only vehicle in Europe that is equipped with a ‘Fender’ premium soundpack. The system consists of two tweeters installed in each mirror quadrant and the rear side panel trims as well as woofers at the front and rear. In addition, a woofer is integrated into an enclosed bass box in the Beetle’s luggage compartment (subwoofer).

A further highlight of the soundpack on the Beetle is the ambient lighting around the speakers and door panels, which can switched to blue, red or white lighting depending on your mood, creating an incredibly relaxed atmosphere.

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