Winter Health Check


£20 Winter Health Check

It's approaching that time of year when it pays to make sure your car is ready for the winter months ahead. For just £20, our trained technicians will do that for you and put your mind at ease this winter.

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Your Winter Health Check includes a wash and vacuum and comes with a Winter Car Care Kit, packed with essentials including a scraper and de-icer, that sells for £21.50 (RRP) on its own. So book your car into your local Volkswagen Authorised Repairer for a winter health check and get the following:

34- point Express Visual Check:Technicians give your car the once-over and report any safety risks so you are aware of your cars health.

Winter Car Care Kit: This includes an extensive range of care products for cleaning your Volkswagen - perfectly matched to your vehicle and of Volkswagen-proven quality as you would expect. This package contains: Screenwash (500ml), ice scraper, de-icer (500ml) and rubber care (75ml).

Wash and Vacuum: Your bodywork and carpets will be as clean as freshly driven snow.

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AutoGlym Perfect Interior Kit Deal

Contains the interior shampoo, fast glass as well as Vinyl and rubber care.

RRP: £16.70

AutoGlym Perfect Bodywork Kit Deal:

Contains bodywork shampoo conditioners, super resin polish and extra gloss protection.

RRP: £16.70

Winter Health Check

Winter Health Check

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