Used Car Warranty

We treat our used cars as if they are new

A Volkswagen drives along in the desert

The minimum 12 month warranty that you receive as part of the Das WeltAuto used car programme provides real peace of mind.

All Das WeltAuto used Volkswagens come with a Das WeltAuto Warranty, so whatever your budget, you can relax in the knowledge that you are covered.

For full details of what our Used Car warranty covers, please download the Das WeltAuto Warranty Handbook.

All component warranty

You are covered for the costs (limited to parts and labour inclusive of VAT up to the maximum claim limit) of repairing or replacing the covered components below that have suffered sudden electrical or mechanical failure occurring within the area of cover and during the period of cover.

Electrical and mechanical failure includes failure due to wear and tear for the first 100,000 miles from first registration under the warranty section of this cover, damage by water ingress and consequential failure, limited to £2,000 per claim inclusive of VAT for the latter.

What is covered?

All electrical and mechanical factory-fitted components are covered against electrical or mechanical failure unless listed in the What is not covered? section below.

What is not covered?

Replacement parts and labour will be paid for with the following exceptions:

Routine service items
    Bodywork, glass (including heated) and seals
    Wear and perishable items as follows

All adjustments, cambelt timing, diesel timing or cleaning
    Brake discs, drums and frictional material
    Bulbs and fuses
    Clutch pressure plates, bearings and frictional material
    Coolant pipes and hoses
    CV boot gaiters
    Exhaust systems including DPF filters (although catalytic converters are covered for internal failure only)
    Non-genuine manufacturer’s parts that are not of a matching quality
    Tyres and wheels
    Un-encased drive belts
    Upholstery, interior and exterior trims
    Washer pipes and vacuum hoses
    Wiper blades, arms and washer jets
    Wiring and connections (including HT leads and aerial co-axial cables)

  For full details of what our warranty covers, please download the Das WeltAuto Warranty Handbook.