The new Touareg. Why compromise?

Tough enough to tackle rough terrain. Innovative technology that’s ready for modern life. And bold design that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Take a closer look at the all-new Volkswagen Touareg.
Touareg front headlight

Pushing boundaries like never before

You’ll instantly notice the new Touareg’s bold, confident design, with its wide, assertive front grill, eye-catching LED headlights and signature Volkswagen design language. But this premium SUV takes a leap forward in more than just looks: with an impressive specification, brand-new technology and levels of digital dashboard customisation never before been experienced on a car interface, the new Touareg is changing the game.

Rewriting the rule book

It takes brave creative thinking and real innovation to reshape the future. And that’s exactly what we put into the new Touareg.

Touareg cockpit

Step into the driver’s seat of the future: the Touareg’s revolutionary new Innovision Cockpit screen lets you control your SUV by touch, gesture or even voice.

A pioneering first in a Volkswagen, the new Touareg is the only SUV in its class to present you with a gloriously clear 15-inch Innovision glass display. A richly colourful screen that merges seemlessly into your digital dashboard, it does away with buttons, knobs and dials, using just the power of your touch, gesture and voice to control your car. You can customise it just like a smartphone, and use it to see a wealth of information such as navigation and your apps.

Everything is crystal clear with Innovision

Imagine a screen as big as your laptop, with an interface you can customise just like your smartphone. It may sound futuristic, but it’s here in the new Touareg. We call it the Innovision Cockpit. The Innovision screen sits next to your 12-inch digital instrument cluster, and is angled towards the driver, giving you an ergonomically optimised display that puts everything you need within easy reach. You can customise your Home screen with your favourite apps and photos, use Car-Net App Connect to see your compatible smartphone apps, and even let your passengers select the infotainment while you drive. 

Touareg infotainment
Touareg night vision

See what’s hiding in the darkness

It may seem like the stuff of spy films, but night vision is here in the new Touareg. It uses infrared beams to scan up to 300 meters ahead, detecting thermal radiation and projecting an image onto your Innovision screen. The system will warn you if the situation is critical1, so you’ve got one more piece of technology working to keep you safe when you’re driving at night.

Shine bright with IQ. Light

IQ. Light couples LED matrix technology with a camera that detects what’s happening on the road, adapting the light distribution in response. For example, if the camera sees a road sign, the segment that illuminates the sign will be dimmed to avoid dazzling you. Likewise if a car is coming towards you, the headlights will dip automatically so that the other driver can still see clearly. It can even adapt the breadth, throw and intensity of the headlights in bad weather. It’s like your car shines a spotlight exactly where you need it.

Touareg coming soon

Supremely competent

Whether you’re cruising round city streets or tackling rough ground, the new Touareg delivers an exceptional driving experience.

Drive dynamically with all-wheel steering

Cornering on country lanes and parking on city streets just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the new Touareg’s all-wheel steering. The rear wheels steer along with the front wheels. Not only does this give you a smaller turning circle, it also increases your driving stability, so you can drive more dynamicially with increased agility.
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Touareg rear axle steering
Touareg coming soon

Air suspension gives you ultimate comfort

The new Touareg uses air suspension to give you quite literally the highest level of driving comfort: it adapts the height of the car to all terrains, and gives you the option of “COMFORT”, “NORMAL” OR “SPORT” driving profiles so you’re in complete control of your ride. The car can also be raised to give you 300 mm more ground clearance, or lowered to make loading and unloading easier.

Touareg active roll stabilization

Sporty cornering with active roll stabilisation

You may not expect a luxury SUV to deliver such sporty performance, but the new Touareg doesn’t disappoint. Electro-mechanical active roll stabilisation reacts more quickly and at lower speeds than conventional stabilisers, reducing lateral tilt and understeer. So you can drive with precision and agility, even on rough terrain.

Style redesigned

Clean contours, dynamic proportions and assertive confidence. The new Touareg is bold and beautiful.

Touareg exterior

Broad, powerful and self-assured: the new Touareg’s strong personality is emphasised by its dominant front grill.

The vertical grille blends into the headlights, with chrome strips extending outwards from the central Volkswagen badge over the headlights. The elongated bonnet boasts clean lines, giving the new Touareg its sporty style. And the rear doesn’t disappoint: sculpted shoulders and broad tail light clusters underline a progressive look.

Touareg interior

Blue skies and bright stars await

Fresh air, a clear view of the sky and a feeling of boundless freedom, all at the touch of a button. The new Touareg’s tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof stretches from front to back, giving you and your passengers an impressive feeling and space and light. Perfect for those days when you want to feel the wind in your hair.

Touareg head up display

A handy heads-up just when you need it

No more taking your eyes off the road to check crucial driving information. The head-up display projects key information – such as speed, navigational directions and driver assistance messages – onto your windscreen, so everything you need to know is always in the picture. And if the position of the projection doesn’t suit you, you can move it or simply turn it off.

Touareg gold interior

Experience a new sense of space

The Touareg’s generous proportions give you the freedom to move. The boot combined with the sliding and foldable rear seat are particularly impressive: they use a 40:20:40 ratio that makes them hugely flexible. And for even more convenience, you can use the optional Easy Open package to open the boot with the touch of a button or even with a wave of your foot if you’re standing by the car and have the key with you.

Making every day a little easier

We’re constantly innovating clever technology to keep you safe and make your driving experience a pleasure.

Touareg emergency assit

Emergency Assist combines a host of other driver assistance technologies to keep you safer than ever before. We hope you never need it, but it’s great to know it’s there, just in case.

Here to help in case of medical emergency: if the system detects that the driver is no longer controlling the car, it will alert the driver. If the driver remains inactive, it automatically activates the hazard warning lights to alert other road users. The ACC system initiates automatic braking whilst monitoring the surrounding traffic. When this option is added it also enables Rear Proactive Occupant Protection which continuously monitors the rear and, if there is the possibility of a collision, the system reacts accordingly.

Touareg driving assistance

Emergency calls: safety systems that work together

In the event of an accident, Emergency Assist is your first line of defence. But should the worst happen, the system will make an emergency call as soon as the seat belt tensioner or airbag is triggered. The Volkswagen Emergency Call Centre then calls to support you and, if need be, send the emergency services as quickly as possible to the scene of the accident. You can also call them yourself at any time at the touch of a button to report an accident.

Anticipating accidents before they happen

The new Touareg’s proactive occupant protection system keeps you safe and sound from all sides. If the system identifies a risk of collision it automatically protects you by tightening the front seat belts, moving the seats upright and closing the doors, windows and sunroof1.

Touareg driving assistance
Touareg driving assistance

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

ACC with predictive cruise control makes long-distance cruising a pleasure: you set a speed limit, and the system won’t exceed it1. It will also maintain the distance between you and the car in front1. Motorway driving made simple!

Touareg intersection assist

Intersection Assist

Blind exits and intersections force you to “nose out” slowly to see what’s coming. Intersection Assist uses radar technology to help you look around corners, helping you to detect crossing vehicles or pedestrians earlier1.

Park Assist

Park Assist

Now there’s no need to worry about tight parking spaces. Park Assist manoeuvres you elegantly into the tightest of spots. All you have to do is operate the accelerator and brake, while the system takes care of the rest1.

Touareg traffic jam assist

Traffic Jam Assist

No one likes a traffic jam, but with comfortable semi-automatic driving courtesy of Traffic Jam Assist helping to keep you in lane and avoid accidents1, they’re not so bad. The system can even control the accelerator and brake for you1.

Stay connected to the things that matter most

You live in a connected world. Why should your car be any different?

Touareg car-net

Cool. Calm. Connected with

Be better informed than ever before with Car-Net. Have the news you’re interested in read out to you while driving. Reach your destination relaxed following a route adapted to the current traffic situation. And save time when searching for a parking space, by being guided directly to a free spot in a car park at your destination.

Thanks to Car-Net, you can check the current mileage, fuel tank volume and door and boot status of your Touareg using your smartphone, even when you’re not in the car. And you can see whether you’ve left the light on or whether all windows are closed – perfect for peace of mind while you’re away from your car.

Touareg eSim

On the road. And always online.

The new Touareg has a permanent eSIM card, guaranteeing you access to the internet. One of the benefits of this is that your car’s software is always up-to-date, so you’ll never need to visit a garage or perform a manual update yourself.

Touareg App Connect

App-Connect & Media Control

There’s an app for everything. And plenty for the Touareg, too. App Connect lets you use your compatible apps on the Touareg’s large touchscreen – and your passengers can control it, too. There are more and more helpful apps. “My Rules” lets you, for instance, automatically send a text home as soon as you arrive at your destination.

The vehicle is a near-production prototype.
1Within the limits of the system.
All images may not represent UK specification.