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2014 VW Polo review

What Car?

23 Jul 2014

The 2014 VW Polo’s face-lift is a fairly big one. Not because it looks much different than before (it really doesn't) but because it's been given the 59bhp and 74bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engines from the Up city car, and has also had its steering and suspension altered.

Refinement is excellent compared with most other small cars. Road and wind noise don't intrude too much at speed, and although you can hear the suspension working away on less-than-perfect roads, this doesn't spoil the peace too much.

If there’s anything that really sells the Polo, it’s the cabin. Dense, soft-touch plastics and a new colour touch-screen (which is a bigger 6.5-inch unit on SE trim and above) immediately give it a grown-up feel that sets it apart from the majority of the competition.

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