Small but tough

Interior features Comfortable and convenient features of the Polo

We think driving should be as relaxing as possible. So we give our cars a premium interior. Then we add a choice of great in-car entertainment and features like air conditioning to make every journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

For details on feature availability see the Car models page for full specifications.

DAB digital radio

The DAB digital radio lets you listen to digital stations hiss and crackle-free, in crystal clear digital sound quality.

Air conditioning

Our electronic climate control air conditioning is extremely user-friendly, providing your required cabin temperature quickly and efficiently, while maintaining the selected temperature.

Multi Device Interface

You can choose a personal soundtrack to your drive with the Multi-Device Interface. Tucked away neatly and securely, it offers you a fast and easy link to files on your MP3 player, iPod and USB memory stick.

Electric windows

Electric windows add that extra touch of convenience. For comfort and safety the front electric windows feature a one-touch open and close facility and anti-trapping protection, should anything be in the way.

RNS 315 navigation/radio system

With a clear 5 inch colour screen displaying a map of your route and touchscreen operation there are no more worries about losing your way or running into unexpected traffic jams. The system will guide you to your destination using all but the last 2 digits of a UK postcode. The MP3 compatible single CD player will play music CDs even while the navigation system is being used, while music can also be played via the SD card slot.

In car entertainment

Relax, unwind and listen to the music. Our cars have a great range of sound systems available so you can enjoy your drive even more.

Front centre armrest

The front centre armrest is adjustable and doubles as a handy storage compartment.

Driver-centric cockpit

Once behind the wheel you'll feel that everything has been personally customised for your comfort. The attention to detail we've brought to the design means you'll find everything laid out exactly where you want it. All the controls are easy to reach and simple to operate.

Under-seat drawers

Useful drawers neatly tucked away under the front seats, but easily accessible, it's one more practical place to store all your bits and pieces. Leaving you to enjoy an uncluttered car.

Remote central locking

Remote central locking allows you to lock and unlock your new Volkswagen as you approach it, at the touch of a button. It's just one more way we look after your safety and security.

Boot space/folding seats

You'll be pleasantly surprised by the size of the boot in your Polo which can offer up to 952 litres of luggage space with seats folded. When you want to transport longer, bulkier items, the rear seat backrest folds down and splits for more flexibility. There is also a variable level load floor in the boot.

Crumple zones

A strong outer shell that comes with front and rear crumple zones that help to absorb the impact of a crash - increasing your passengers' safety.

Isofix child seat fittings

The Isofix child seat fixes directly into compatible fittings, creating a secure link. It's quick, simple and there's no need to use the adult seatbelts.


Our advanced Electronic Stabilisation Control has sensors that monitor the progress of your wheels so the moment they start to slip the brakes are applied to one or more wheels and engine power is reduced if necessary. Skidding is stopped before it begins.

Rain Sensors

An LED sensor fitted behind your internal mirror detects the amount of rain on your windscreen, and adjusts the speed of your wipers accordingly.

Rear parking sensors

This ingenious system will detect objects located behind your car, as well as making parking in the smallest spaces so much easier. Sensors in the bumper operate by ultrasound and emit a warning sound signal. They also offer a visual picture of how close your car is to any object on your radio display.

Static cornering light

Static cornering lights illuminate the area into which your car is turning. As a result, you'll spot pedestrians sooner and more easily, and the attention of other road users is increased.

Electric door mirrors

You can adjust both mirrors from the comfort of your driving seat and, because they're heated, they won't ice or mist up, obscuring your view of what's coming up behind.


Stylish features Explore the stylish features of the Polo

Our cars are known for their classic design appeal, quality finish and impressive use of space. We always add a little bit of Volkswagen-style 'ingenuity' to every model.
Discover it here.

For details on feature availability see the Car models page for full specifications.

Stylish lights

The Polo's body-coloured front bumper houses integrated fog lights while the striking rear light clusters highlight the stylish contours.

Stylish face

The stylish Polo sports the distinctive Volkswagen 'family face' seen on the Scirocco. The thin, horizontal grille and sleek, swept-back headlights give the car a low and wide presence.

Alloy wheels

Lightweight, stylish yet durable, they improve your car's handling and looks. Available in a wide range of sizes and designs to suit your individual taste.

Heat-insulating tinted glass

Stylish heat-insulating tinted glass in the rear windows reduces the intensity of sunlight by up to 65%, stopping heat build-up inside the car to help ensure a pleasant temperature.

Stylish interior

We've given the interior a luxurious design using high quality materials so it will stay looking good for years to come. The result? A feeling of timeless elegance created by stylish touches such as the leather-trimmed steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake and chrome detailing on switches and air vents.

White instrument lighting

White instrument lighting adds a glow of sophistication to the host of little luxuries that distinguish the interior.

Multifunction Steering Wheel

The exclusive design of the leather steering wheel symbolises the car's luxury feel and allows you to operate all your in-car entertainment such as radio and stereo system and use your phone while keeping both hands on the wheel.

Laser-welded body shell

By using the latest manufacturing methods, including state-of-the-art laser welding, the structure is so strong, it can absorb the impact energy and thereby protect the driver and passengers within its protective inner cell.

Galvanised body

We treat the body shell with our multi-coat rust protection process. We galvanise it to guard against corrosion, add further protection to the underbody and finally apply a flawless base coat. This means we can confidently offer you a 12-year body protection warranty.


Driving features Explore the features that make driving the Polo so enjoyable

Find out what makes driving a Volkswagen so enjoyable. Experience the power of our engines and the variety of transmissions - now that's real driving.

For details on feature availability see the Car models page for full specifications.

TSI engine

Volkswagen's twin charged or single charged petrol engines with direct injection. This innovative engineering uses a down-sizing concept, resulting in high-tech engines with excellent torque and power output combined with low fuel consumption.

TDI common rail diesel engines

Volkswagen TDI diesel engines feature our latest common rail technology. As well as being very efficient, cleaner and incredibly quiet, our common rail engines are responsive and fun to drive.

DSG dual-clutch gearbox

With our groundbreaking DSG dual-clutch gearbox you have two clutches, resulting in fast, smooth gearshifts and uninterrupted driving.


For a smoother, more comfortable ride with agile handling, we've fitted the Polo with a completely redeveloped McPherson strut front suspension and semi independent suspension at the rear.


Our advanced Electronic Stabilisation Control has sensors that monitor the progress of your wheels so the moment they start to slip the brakes are applied to one or more wheels and engine power is reduced if necessary. Skidding is stopped before it begins.

Power-assisted steering

Adaptive power steering actively monitors your speed and varies the resistance of your steering wheel depending on how fast you're going. We designed it so that you have the help you need when trying to negotiate tight spots in the city and the feeling of freedom you desire when you're out on the road.

Cruise control

Our cruise control system works by electronically memorising and maintaining the speed you select. You can turn off the system simply by pressing a button, brake or clutch. It reduces the stress on drivers and offers you more comfort on long journeys by keeping a constant speed. It's particularly effective when you have to stay within speed limits for a long way and cuts the risk of your speed creeping up by accident.

Electronic engine immobiliser

An anti-theft device that immobilises your car. The immobiliser uses a sophisticated coding software system that has revolutionised car security, by ensuring the correct key is being used to start the vehicle.

Flat tyre indicator

The flat tyre indicator is an intelligent system designed to alert you to any change in tyre pressure. The fact that your tyres are permanently monitored guarantees a high level of safety. And the correct pressure also helps to prolong the life of your tyres and cut fuel consumption, saving you money.

Exceptional body rigidity

We've used the latest manufacturing methods, including state-of-the-art laser welding. As a result, a safer car that offers improved handling and is quieter to travel in.


We value your safety above all else. That's why every car we make comes with the Anti-lock Braking System.


We include airbags in all our cars to cushion the impact of collisions and reduce the risk of injury. As a safety feature, it's essential.

Crash active front headrests

We designed our whiplash-optimised head restraints to help protect you and your front seat passenger from the kind of injury that might result if your car is involved in a collision. On impact, the head restraint automatically glides forward to offer particularly effective support to your head and spine.

5-star Euro NCAP safety rating

The European New Car Assessment Programme provides consumers with a realistic and independent assessment of the safety performance of cars sold in Europe. They discovered that we built the Polo with your protection as a priority and awarded it their highest safety rating of 5 stars. This is made up of scores in four areas: occupant protection, child safety, pedestrian safety and electronic safety and assistance systems.


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