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Volkswagen Polo hatchback (Our rating: 4.1/5)


June 2013

The Volkswagen Polo is a cut above its supermini rivals, as it offers good looks, a high quality interior, plenty of space and sensible pricing.

The Volkswagen Polo has a unique blend of style, economy and practicality that lifts above many of the other superminis on the market. Add to this top-notch quality and low list prices and you simply have one of the best value superminis you can buy.

Thanks to its classy interior and excellent build quality it feels more like a bigger car. It's very comfortable to drive and, provided you avoid the entry-level S model, you also get a lot of equipment and accessories.

The current Polo is the fifth generation of the car and has much bigger dimensions than earlier Mk2 or Mk3 cars, so while it's not as mini as it used to be, it has a much more versatile interior as a result. Fuel economy across the whole range is good, and if you go for the economical BlueMotion TDI or clever BlueGT it's even better. Even the smaller petrol engines on offer can still return 50mpg. It may not be as immediately enjoyable to drive as the Ford Fiesta, but that's because it prioritises comfort over performance, so it's genuinely calm and controlled over uneven roads and yet still handles long journeys on the motorway with ease. Thanks to its VW badge, resale value are very strong on the used car market, while running costs can be kept to a minimum thanks to fixed price servicing and a comprehensive warranty. The Polo comes in a mammoth 10 specifications – S, S A/C, R-Line Style, Match Edition, R-Line Style A/C, R-Line, BlueMotion, SEL, BlueGT, and GTI.

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