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2012 VW Polo Blue GT Review - WhatCar?

2012 VW Polo Blue GT Review


5 July 2012

The new Volkswagen Polo Blue GT is designed to appeal to the previously un-catered for eco-conscious hot-hatch fan.

Not only does it offer decent acceleration – 0-62mph takes 7.9 seconds – but it keeps CO2 emissions down to 108g/km when fitted with the standard manual gearbox. The optional DSG semi-auto knocks off a further 3g/km, while average fuel economy is 60.1mpg with the manual and 62.8 with the DSG.

The Polo Blue GT is able to achieve these impressive figures because it uses a turbocharged 1.4-litre petrol engine that can deactivate half its cylinders under light throttle loads.

What's the 2012 VW Polo Blue GT like to drive?

When the engine switches from four- to two-cylinder power there's no change in vibration because all four cylinders keep moving – just without fuel being fed to two of them.

The Blue GT gets 17-inch alloy wheels and a bespoke suspension set-up that lowers the ride height by 15mm compared with the standard Polo.

The Blue GT also feels more composed and agile than the standard Polo in corners, but without the hunkered down athleticism of the GTI.

What's the 2012 VW Polo Blue GT like inside?

As with the ride and handling balance, the Blue GT's cabin is a halfway house between the standard Polo and the GTI. It features bespoke Blue GT sports seats with blue detailing, along with instruments from the GTI and a leather-trimmed steering wheel with a subtle 'GT' logo.

You still get some of the more utilitarian materials found in lesser Polos, but everything is simply laid out and easy to use.

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