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Volkswagen Polo GTI - Auto Express

Volkswagen Polo GTI

Auto Express

Декабрь 2010

Is VW's latest hot Polo finally worthy of the GTI legend created by the Golf? Auto Express grabbed the keys to the first example to arrive on British shores.

The 0-62mph sprint takes only 6.9 seconds – interestingly, that's exactly the same as the more powerful but heavier Golf. From certain angles the similarity is uncanny, with the telephone-dial alloy wheels and trademark GTI red stripe running horizontally across the grille adding to the illusion.

The GTI DNA is evident in the driving experience too. VW has worked hard to ensure the hot Polo is a strong all-round performance car. Plant the throttle, and the engine makes a satisfying noise, and the GTI surges along a twisty B-road as if it has rockets up its stylish twin exhaust pipes. Yet it can also do refined and comfortable. Plus, it's practical too – especially the five-door version we drove.

There's a nice surprise when you come to fill up, too, with 47mpg combined fuel economy, while 139g/km CO2 emissions translate into road tax bills of £110 a year.

The new Polo GTI is an impressive car. It's fast, desirable and incredibly easy to live with. If you want strong pace and style delivered with the minimum of fuss, it's hard to beat.

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