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Volkswagen Scirocco GT

Interior features Explore the comfortable and convenient features of the New Scirocco

We think driving should be as relaxing as possible. So we give our cars a premium interior. Then we add a choice of great in-car entertainment and features like air conditioning to make every journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

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Air conditioning, 2Zone Climatronic

Climatronic air conditioning with 2-zone temperature control lets you set two different temperature zones in your car - for both the driver and front passenger seats. So you can both adjust your air conditioned environment to be just the way you like it.

Adjustable sports seats

Sports seats provide excellent side hold, with high backrests and adjustable front headrests, coupled with a sporty look.

Front centre armrest

The front centre armrest is adjustable and doubles as a handy storage compartment.

Dimming interior mirror

Automatically reduce the glare of bright headlight reflections in your rear view mirror. The dimming function cleverly darkens the mirror to cut the dazzle immediately.

RNS 510 radio navigation system

The touchscreen RNS 510 navigation system features a 6.5" colour display, Aux-in, and a wide choice of voice commands available to control navigation, the radio and CD player. It also features an SD card reader, 30GB hard-drive, 2D and 3D mapping and live traffic updates. When stationary it also doubles as a DVD player.

Dynaudio Sound

This extraordinary in-car sound system from the multi-award winning high-end Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Dynaudio features no fewer than 8 exceptional loudspeakers, all perfectly integrated into the interior - amplified by a 300-watt digital amplifier.

Crumple zones

A strong outer shell that comes with front and rear crumple zones that help to absorb the impact of a crash - increasing your passengers' safety.

Isofix child seat fittings

The Isofix child seat fixes directly into compatible fittings, creating a secure link. It's quick, simple and easy to reach.

Alarm with interior protection

Break-ins trigger an alarm and hazard lights, interior protection detects movement inside.

Engine immobiliser

The engine immobiliser uses sophisticated coding software to ensure the correct key is being used to start the vehicle. Only when the correct key is used will the engine start.

Front and rear parking sensors

This ingenious system will detect objects located both behind and in front of your car, as well as making parking in the smallest spaces so much easier. Sensors in the bumper operate by ultrasound and emit a warning sound signal. They also offer a visual picture of how close your car is to any object on your radio display.

Coming home lighting

For extra protection when you get home in the dark, after locking your car doors, the headlights will light up the path to your front door. They work on a timer so you won't be draining the battery by leaving the headlights on - they automatically switch off after you.

Headlight washers

Designed to keep your headlights free from dirt at all times – so you can enjoy maximum visibility in all kinds of conditions.

An LED sensor fitted behind your internal mirror detects the amount of rain on your windscreen, and adjusts the speed of your wipers accordingly.

An LED sensor behind your internal mirror detects the amount of rain on your windscreen and adjusts your wiper speed accordingly.


Stylish features Explore the stylish features of the New Scirocco

Our cars are known for their classic design appeal, quality finish and impressive use of space. We always add a little bit of Volkswagen-style 'ingenuity' to every model.
Discover it here.

To see the full list of available features, prices and specifications, visit the Models page.

Laser-welded body shell

By using the latest manufacturing methods, including state-of-the-art laser welding, the structure is so strong, it can absorb the impact energy and thereby protect the driver and passengers within its protective inner cell.

Galvanised body

We treat the body shell with our multi-coat rust protection process. We galvanise it to guard against corrosion, add further protection to the underbody and finally apply a flawless base coat. This means we can confidently offer you a 12-year body protection warranty.

Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels come as standard on your Volkswagen. Lightweight, stylish yet durable, they improve your car's handling and looks and are available in a wide range of sizes and designs to suit your taste.

Front fog lights

Front fog lights offer better visibility in poor driving conditions. The lens and reflector assembly is engineered to direct a wide, low beam of light on to the road and roadsides. The design reduces the amount of light reflected from fog, rain and snow.

White instrument lighting

White instrument lighting adds a glow of sophistication to the host of little luxuries that distinguish the interior.

Triangular grab handles

Everything about the Scirocco has been designed with care and a great deal of thought. So you'll find even the grab handles, with their pleasing triangular shape, just that little bit more stylish.

Multifunction Steering Wheel

The exclusive design of the leather steering wheel symbolises the car's luxury feel and allows you to operate all your in-car entertainment such as radio and stereo system and use your phone while keeping both hands on the wheel.

Striking face

When you see the dynamic new Scirocco approach there's no doubt it means business. The deep front airdams and razor-thin grille, framed by twin-lens headlight units, present an aggressive, yet cohesive face.

Coupe style with hatchback practicality

The new Scirocco combines distinctive coupé styling with a hatchback boot, so you don't have to choose between great looks and practicality. The Scirocco offers you both, so you can drive a car that looks sensational on the road, even on the way to the supermarket.


Driving features Explore the features that make driving the New Scirocco so enjoyable

Find out what makes driving a Volkswagen so enjoyable. Experience the power of our engines and the variety of transmissions - now that's real driving.

To see the full list of available features, prices and specifications, visit the Models page.

Four-link rear suspension

Gives you a smooth, stable ride whilst allowing agile handling. Your passengers will be treated to a more luxurious ride with less sideways roll, even round the tightest bends.

DSG dual-clutch gearbox

With our groundbreaking DSG dual-clutch gearbox you have two clutches, resulting in fast, smooth gearshifts and uninterrupted driving. And if you want to take control, the gear lever's Tiptronic function lets you change to sportier, manual mode.

Dynamic Chassis Control

You can decide the precise degree of sportiness and comfort you want for each journey.

Power-assisted steering

Adaptive power steering actively monitors your speed and varies the resistance of your steering wheel depending on how fast you're going. We designed it so that you have the help you need when trying to negotiate tight spots in the city and the feeling of freedom you desire when you're out on the road.


We value your safety above all else. That's why every car we make comes with the Anti-lock Braking System.

Exceptional body rigidity

We've used the latest manufacturing methods, including state-of-the-art laser welding. As a result, a safer car that offers improved handling and is quieter to travel in.


Our advanced Electronic Stabilisation Control monitors your wheels, applying the brakes the moment they start to slip and reducing engine power if necessary. Skidding is stopped before it begins.


We include airbags in all our cars to cushion the impact of collisions and reduce the risk of injury. As a safety feature, it's essential.


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