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Impress yourself, as well as others

More exciting, more dynamic and more refined than ever before, this is a coupe that’s just waiting to be driven.
So, what are you waiting for?

Design and Style

Characteristics to be noticed and admired.


Takes you to your destination with great sounds.


Impressive, sporty and responsive the running gear of the Scirocco is designed to deliver a dynamic driving style,
while still keeping you safe.

Driver Alert System

The feature recommends you take a break if erratic steering movements are present by giving you visual and acoustic signals, helping to monitor your driving.

Electronic Stability Control

Sensors are able to detect critical situations at an early stage and react within milliseconds by controlling the speed of individual wheels helping to bring the vehicle under control.


Put the future behind the wheel.

Driver Assistance

Several key features help to ensure you arrive at your destination cool, calm and collected.

Front and Rear Parking Sensors

Sensors help assist with parking manoeuvres by emitting audible and any visual warnings alerting the driver to any obstacles in the way.

Anti-Lock Braking Systems

Using advanced electronics, ABS detects when a wheel is about to lock - and automatically releases and reapplies the brakes to prevent a skid. Helping you to stop, or steer round an obstacle.

Park Assist

By using ultrasonic and audible parking sensors, all the driver has to do is operate the pedals to bay or parallel park.

Cruise Control

So you can focus your attention on the road a constant speed can be set, creating a more relaxed drive.

Keyless Entry System

A useful addition if you have your hands full. As you approach your vehicle, the key automatically unlocks, and you can even start the engine using a button in the centre console.